2022 PDGA Amateur Disc Golf World Championships presented by Toyota

Tue-Sat, June 21-25, 2022 at Princeton Country Club in Princeton, Indiana
Disc golf singles tournament

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All PDGA Amateur Majors are “True Amateur” with player packs for all players and trophies for top finisher ... more
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Christopher Sandoval    April 20 at 2:39am

uhh, it looks like people who aren't on the waitlist are registering in front of waitlisted players who signed up before the spots opened up....

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Bo Williams   April 20 at 2:41am

Just saw that too. Watched over 30 people get in the event and my spot on waitlist hasn't changed.

Ryan Messenger   April 20 at 2:42am

Same for me

Andrew Sweeton   April 20 at 10:33am

Sorry, we had a problem with the capping, all 336 first registrants are now in.

Chris Stapleton    April 20 at 2:38am

Online registration closed?


Kyle Sterwerf    April 20 at 2:38am

Cue everyone complaining

Harrison Webster   April 20 at 2:38am

Lol fr xD

Timothy Loeffler   April 20 at 2:39am

I'm just waiting for the registration process to go as planned for once.

Randall Blythe   April 20 at 2:41am

because its a cluster**** now

Tra B    April 20 at 2:38am

On the waitlist but there were like 200 open spots so im a bit confused

Andrew Sweeton   April 20 at 10:32am

Sorry, we had a problem with the capping, all 336 first registrants are now in.

Randall Blythe    April 20 at 2:37am

what is the deal with the waitlist for MA1?

Andrew Sweeton   April 20 at 10:32am

Sorry, we had a problem with the capping, all 336 first registrants are now in.

Timothy Loeffler    April 20 at 2:36am

There better be more spots in advanced!!! I logged into PayPal in advance and it was fine. Then when registration opened it wouldn't connect. Then entered card info and didn't work until second refresh because of a "network error". Absolutely unprofessional and stupid.

Hayden Evernden   April 20 at 2:37am

the paypal, was paypals issue, they addressed it prior to the tournament opening, so everyone couldn't use paypal

Tom Nosenzo    April 20 at 2:34am

I’m confused how the waitlist works - how am I 241 on the list when only so many few spots were available?

Andrew Sweeton   April 20 at 10:31am

Sorry, we had a problem with the capping, all 336 first registrants are now in.

Tyler 'Treetop' Turnmeyer    April 20 at 2:33am

Serious, waitlist 163 within seconds. I really hope I get into this. I've been planning my whole year around this event...

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Wes Johnson   April 20 at 2:38am

Chill guys there's 504 spots

DJ Hines   April 20 at 2:38am

I just saw advanced open up to 336 spots so I guess they’ll start promoting people soon. Whew!

DJ Hines   April 20 at 2:40am

Thanks Wes!

Kaleb Cuda    April 20 at 2:33am

Theres gonna be more spots in advanced right? Cause thats super low

Bradley Larson   April 20 at 2:35am


Andrew Sweeton   April 20 at 10:30am

No, it's two pools of 168 totaling 336 in MA1, usually it is 288 so this is 48 more than normal.

Hayden Evernden    April 20 at 2:32am

Will more spots open in Advanced?

Andrew Sweeton   April 20 at 10:27am

Doubtful, we have two full pools of 168 already.

Greg Barber    April 20 at 1:24am

If PayPal is the only option for payment just know that no one will be able to register tonight as they are having a service disruption that effects how it's used in disc golf scene. Other events I am trying to get into are currently not working. https://www.paypal-status.com/product/production

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Mike Sullivan   April 20 at 2:02am

This event always uses Collected Payments, which provides multiple payment options.

Greg Barber   April 20 at 2:27am

Thanks Mike! That's super helpful.

Chris Hunckler    April 20 at 12:22am

Also searching for a FA1 player for mixed doubles.


Kerry L Kellett    April 19 at 11:31pm

Soon I'm on the list but haven't got an invite. What gives?

Mike Sullivan   April 20 at 1:37am

Kerry, you're on the list and should be able to register. We sent the invite a few weeks back to your PDGA member email. It looks like this: https://www.pdga.com/files/2022_amateur_worlds_invite_letter_v6.pdf and you do not need a copy of it to register.

Michael Robie    April 19 at 9:44pm

Can we retroactively register if we find a mixed doubles partner after we register as an individual?

Andrew Sweeton   April 19 at 10:05pm

Yes, you can use the "Modify Registration for . . ." link found in your Disc Golf Scene confirmation email. However, doubles is limited to 72 players so don't wait too long.

Sarah Isaac    April 19 at 6:58pm

When is the mixed doubles event?

Kyle Silva   April 19 at 7:11pm

Saturday the 18th.

Jonathan Glass    April 18 at 2:46pm

Can you pay for the side games such as the ace challenge at the event?

Andrew Sweeton   April 18 at 4:50pm

For Doubles and Field Events, no, you must preregister. Not sure on the Ace challenge, reach out to the TD.

Jason LaBella   April 19 at 2:09pm

Ace challenge will be subject to availability based on the prereg numbers.

Morgan Lynds    April 16 at 8:56pm

If I am already signed up for the event, how to I add that I want to play in mixed doubles?

Andrew Sweeton   April 16 at 9:28pm

In your registration confirmation email from Disc Golf Scene there should be a "Modify Registration" link that will allow you to add items and make payment.

Parker Gibson    April 13 at 7:32pm

Hey your average token Canadian here! Just wondering if someone could half be my guide as far as Best Airport to fly into/Rent a car and maybe even best areas to stay. My email is [email redacted] if anyone has time to help guide me a wee bit! Thanks in advance!

Steven Waites   April 13 at 7:49pm

Evansville (EVV) is miles from the courses. It’s regional and will require flights to Chicago or Atlanta. St. Louis, Nashville, and Louisville are all within 2 hours of the event.

Joshua Meijndert   April 13 at 9:18pm

I'm coming from Canada - Nashville was the cheapest to fly into, rent a car, and drive to Evansville

Parker Gibson   April 15 at 3:45am

Thank you both! I appreciate the advise. Makes the planning a lot easier!

Hunter Paddock    April 10 at 11:42pm

ISO a lady friend who wants to play in the mixed doubles event. I can’t promise that we’ll win, but I can promise we’ll have fun!!


Casey Freidig    April 10 at 2:00am

OK what is 1030 EDT is that eastern daylight time I’m just wondering

Mike Sullivan   April 10 at 2:10am

Yes, it's Eastern Daylight Time.

Greg Barber   April 10 at 2:41am

Google is your friend.