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206,834 members   ·   3,404,546 posted scores   ·   59,768 tournaments   ·   9,598 leagues   ·   11,030 clubs   ·   11,398 courses

Recent Scores

43  -11 Regular tees, 18 holes Michael Okerblom
Chris Roberts Memorial Course
Salisbury, MD, USA
62  +1 Ontario Course Masters Layout (13B), 18 holes Patrick Treude
Centennial Park
Etobicoke, ON, Canada
48  -6 regular tees-2x, 18 holes, 18 holes Jeff Dennis
Castaldo Park
Woodridge, IL, USA
43  -11 Regular 9 holes x 2, 18 holes Jeff Novak
Hazel Park Community Center
Hazel Park, MI, USA
61  +1 Silver tees, 18 holes Doug B
Muddy Run DGC
Holtwood, PA, USA
52  -4 Prairie Center Park, Regular tees, 18 holes Landis Nelson
Prairie Center Park
Olathe, KS, USA
63  +2 2023 Longs alt 3, 9 & alt 10, 18 holes Chris Arnett
NorthRidge Church
Plymouth, MI, USA
32  +5 Regular tees, 9 holes J.T. LeBouef
Donner Community Center
Donner, LA, USA
50  -6 Red tees (long), 18 holes Rick Gzesh
Lake Shore Park
Ashtabula, OH, USA
53  -8 Ontario Course Short Tees (Red) To Long Baskets, 18 holes Justin Plut
Centennial Park
Etobicoke, ON, Canada
22  -5 Regular tees, 9 holes John Kubalak
Legion Park
De Pere, WI, USA
49  -8 Blue to Yellow, 18 holes Tom Wagner
Seymour Lake Park
Oxford, MI, USA
63  +3 RDG League, 18 holes Evan Odson
Highland Park
Roanoke, VA, USA
46  -8 2014 Re-design, 18 holes Angel Alcala Chavez
Johnny Roberts
Arvada, CO, USA
51  -3 Regular tees, 18 holes Joel Cook
Hughes Park
Hudsonville, MI, USA
56  -1 Mastodon DGC Summer 2023 Mixed Black, 18 holes Samuel Brown
Purdue Fort Wayne University
Fort Wayne, IN, USA
80  -2 Black Course, 27 holes Todd Welsh
Twin Creek
Germantown, OH, USA
56  +2 New Fairmont 18, 18 holes Rick Petrie
Fairmont Park
Manhattan, KS, USA
47  -7 Long tees, 18 holes Jeff Lozowsky
Ella Sharp Park
Jackson, MI, USA
55  +1 Regular tees, 18 holes Roman Boudko
Tottenham Conservation Park
Tottenham, ON, Canada
65  +10 Regular tees, 18 holes Christian Blakely
South Fork DGC
North Bend, WA, USA
53  -1 Short tees, 18 holes Mark Larsen
Fallasburg Park
Lowell, MI, USA
31  +4 Regular tees, 9 holes Kayla Hatch
Oakholm Disc Golf
Brookfield, MA, USA
73  +19 Original Layout, 18 holes Lyndsee Epstein
Tadpole Beach at Lake Lansing Park North
Haslett, MI, USA
25  -2 Regular tees, 9 holes Caleb deLeeuwerk
Mehaffey Park
Loveland, CO, USA
63  -2 Regular tees, 18 holes Wade Spruill
The Admiral
Semmes, AL, USA
54  -13 Blue tees, 18 holes Aidan Anastasi
Hunter Farm
Grove City, PA, USA
57  +3 Regular tees, 18 holes Grayson Christer
Shelbyville DGC at Forest Park
Shelbyville, IL, USA
61  +7 White tees, 18 holes Mike Spin
Ellicott Creek
Tonawanda, NY, USA
23  -4 9 Hole Short Pads, 9 holes Dan Chando
Bergen Park
Evergreen, CO, USA
75  +21 Regular tees, 18 holes Michael Jay
Helotes Disc Golf Course
Helotes, TX, USA
Doubles · 79  -5 Calumet Lake DGC blue positions, 27 holes, 27 holes Drew Pickens
Calumet Lions Park
Calumet, MI, USA
56  -6 Blue tees, 18 holes Jacob Schwartz
Top O' The Hill Disc Golf
Canterbury, NH, USA
31  -6 Regular tees, 12 holes Derek Johnson
Peterson Park
Algoma, WI, USA
60  +6 White (Old Layout, all large tee pads) Tees, 18 holes The Rooster
Mount Sunapee Resort
Sunapee, NH, USA
55  -8 White tees, 18 holes Justin Brentzel
Hasson Park
Oil City, PA, USA
Doubles · 47  -10 The Woods Short tees, 18 holes Erin Shaffer
Ypsilanti, MI, USA
Doubles · 47  -10 The Woods Short tees, 18 holes Benjamin Demory
Ypsilanti, MI, USA
42  -12 Long tees, 18 holes Pat Burke
Mary Beth Doyle Park
Ann Arbor, MI, USA
61  +3 November 2021 Redesign, 18 holes John Fortunato
Memorial Park
Wadsworth, OH, USA

Recent Aces

$103 Matt Robinson
Hole 18 at Birch Park
Amherst, NH, USA
Nathan Lindley
Hole 1 at Ingham Park
Lansing, MI, USA
Elizabeth D Ross
Hole 11 at recteq
Evans, GA, USA
Elizabeth D Ross
Hole 7 at recteq
Evans, GA, USA
Justin Brentzel
Hole 5 at Hasson Park
Oil City, PA, USA
Jeff Dennis
Hole 3 at O'Brien Park
Downers Grove, IL, USA
Chaz Matthews
Hole 16 at Estero DGC
Estero, FL, USA
Matt Coll
Hole 7 at Pioneer Park
Stayton, OR, USA
Jeff Dennis
Hole 4 at O'Brien Park
Downers Grove, IL, USA
$240 Lukas Gallup
Hole 11 at Trinity Church DGC
Lansing, MI, USA
Charles Gobeil
Hole 17 at Hinton DGC
Hinton, AB, Canada
Bryan Day
Hole 12 at Vienna Park
Temperance, MI, USA
Mike Dabkowski
Hole 17 at Cornerstone University
Grand Rapids, MI, USA
Alexander Marsh
Hole 15 at Boyd Hill
Rock Hill, SC, USA
Mark Spicer
Hole 7 at Art Dye
American Fork, UT, USA
James Bedolla
Hole 9 at Conocido Park
Phoenix, AZ, USA
Dan Chando
Hole 4 at Bergen Park
Evergreen, CO, USA
$22 Sean Mannooch
Hole 17 at Mid Michigan College
Harrison, MI, USA
$33 Cory Lewis
Hole 16 at Dolly Cooper Park
Powdersville, SC, USA
Josh Campbell
Hole 1 at Hidden Valley Park
Kansas City, MO, USA
Matt Coll
Hole 1 at Camp Taloali
Stayton, OR, USA
Paul T
Hole 18 at Rolling Hills County Park
Ypsilanti, MI, USA
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