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177,078 members   ·   2,984,186 posted scores   ·   45,812 tournaments   ·   8,491 leagues   ·   9,376 clubs   ·   10,231 courses

Recent Scores

38  -16 Regular tees, 18 holes Jacob Teter
Arrowhead Park
Wilmington, NC, USA
54  E Short tees, 18 holes Mark L
NAD Park
Bremerton, WA, USA
65  +10 Regular tees, 18 holes Ricardo Lopez
Birch Park
Amherst, NH, USA
79  +24 18 Holes - A Pads, 18 holes Charles Ketchum
Sam Lena Park
Tucson, AZ, USA
57  +3 Regular tees, 18 holes Joel Cook
The Ridges
Gobles, MI, USA
25  -2 Regular tees, 9 holes Chris Arnett
Rosie's Park
Madison Heights, MI, USA
71  +15 Regular tees, 18 holes Brian Drew
Central Park
Murray, KY, USA
77  -7 27 holes, 1 holes Jamie Vincent
Old Town DGC
Negaunee, MI, USA
61  +7 The Thorne Hawthorne Essentials, 18 holes michael snake zander
Hawthorne Park
Pontiac, MI, USA
60  -2 Blue Tees (Pro), 20 holes Patrick Treude
White Spruce Park
Brampton, ON, Canada
66  +11 Main course White Tees (Short), 18 holes Matt Leonard
Oak Ridge Park
Clark, NJ, USA
66  +3 Lincoln 21 Hole Tournament Layout, 21 holes Tony Accordino
Lincoln Park (Oak Ledges)
Massillon, OH, USA
28  +1 Regular tees, 9 holes Billy B
Nesbitt Park
Wilkes-Barre, PA, USA
46  -13 18 Holes Shorts - 2021 Redesign, 18 holes Tom Wagner
Addison Oaks County Park
Leonard, MI, USA
54  E Regular tees, 18 holes Nate McFail
Legacy Park
Lee's Summit, MO, USA
63  +9 Regular tees, 18 holes Geoffrey Noseworthy
Tottenham Conservation Park
Tottenham, ON, Canada
Doubles · 54  E Regular tees, 18 holes eric poll
The Pines
St. Charles, MI, USA
Doubles · 54  E Regular tees, 18 holes Glen Zimmerman
The Pines
St. Charles, MI, USA
66  +12 Short tees, 18 holes Cory M Dougherty
O'Hauser Park
Menasha, WI, USA
65  +9 Regular Tees, 18 holes Mark Larsen
Belding, MI, USA
60  +6 Holly Woods, Regular tees, 18 holes Chris Trumbull
Holly Woods
Holly, MI, USA
54  -2 Recreational, 18 holes Sean Rhoades
Firefighters Park
Troy, MI, USA
70  +14 Short tees, 18 holes Noah Kiger
Eagles Nest DGC
Lancaster, OH, USA
61  +7 Regular tees, 18 holes Andrew M
Gillies Creek Park
Richmond, VA, USA
49  -5 Regular tees, 18 holes Connor Willcoxen
Big Creek Park
Canton, IL, USA
1  -8 Extra Holes, 3 holes Nicholos Klotz
Horizons Park
Winston-Salem, NC, USA
86  +5 Short Tees to Short Pins, 27 holes Mike Gessler
Charles Langer Park
Marshall, WI, USA
60  -4 Blue Tees, 18 holes Austin Batistoni
Thompson Park
Jamesburg, NJ, USA
59  +5 The Foz Short tees, 18 holes craig splittstoesser
Rolling Hills County Park
Ypsilanti, MI, USA
48  -6 Gold course, 18 holes Jeff Novak
Starr-Jaycee Park
Royal Oak, MI, USA
42  +15 Regular tees, 9 holes Francis Higgins
Holland Woods
Port Huron, MI, USA
62  +5 Long tees, 19 holes Christopher Correll
Ottawa Park
Toledo, OH, USA
62  +4 Red Tees, 18 holes Chaa Yang
Alexander Park
Lawrenceville, GA, USA
57  +1 Ontario Course Long Tees (Blue) To Mixed Baskets, 18 holes Jorge Jensen
Centennial Park
Etobicoke, ON, Canada
48  -6 Regular tees, 18 holes Isaiah Morgan
Dallas City Park
Dallas, OR, USA
82  +27 18 Hole Full Course, 18 holes Britannic Bartlett
Lakewood Park
Tecumseh, ON, Canada
57  -1 Red/Blue 18, 18 holes Doug Adams
Bald Hill Park
Clarinda, VI, Australia
61  E Regular tees, 18 holes Mike Richardson
Max Starcke Park
Seguin, TX, USA
68  -7 Pro tees, 24 holes Ferrel Mejeur
Flip City
Shelby, MI, USA
51  -3 Short tees, 18 holes Robin WW
Schenley Park
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Recent Aces

$26 Heidi Gurske
Hole 15 at Horning's Hideout
North Plains, OR, USA
Michael Smith
Hole 10 at Parmelee Park
Lambertville, MI, USA
Chris Stirlen
Hole 10 at Moser Park
Fort Wayne (New Haven), IN, USA
$18 Todd Lazar
Hole 7 at Sioux Passage Park
St. Louis (Florissant), MO, USA
Thim Reed
Hole 7 at Moser Park
Fort Wayne (New Haven), IN, USA
Eric "Downtown" Brown
Hole 15 at Moser Park
Fort Wayne (New Haven), IN, USA
Elizabeth D Ross
Hole 6 at recteq
Evans, GA, USA
$137 Tracy Knippel
Hole 11 at DR Disc Golf
Orrington, ME, USA
David Ross
Hole 1 at Trophy Lakes
Charleston (Johns Island), SC, USA
$19 Jamie Vincent
Hole 5 at Old Town DGC
Negaunee, MI, USA
Dan Salak
Hole 5 at Hanscom Park
Omaha, NE, USA
Curt Greve
Hole 10 at Jaycee Park
Kentwood, MI, USA
Brian Johnson
Hole 5 at Van Zee Park
Port Orchard, WA, USA
$56 Evan Riley
Hole 14 at Atkinson Park
Henderson, KY, USA
Jerry Dobbins
Hole 7 at Shillito Park
Lexington, KY, USA
$225 tristan gromko
Hole 4 at J.C. Park
Kentwood, MI, USA
$48 Welsee Moon
Hole 17 at Peters Creek
Chugiak, AK, USA
$250 Luke Taylor
Hole 16 at Deerfield Park
Mt. Pleasant, MI, USA
Casey Dressler
Hole 18 at Kinslow
Sunbury, OH, USA
Adin Nelson
Hole 18 at Pier Park
Portland, OR, USA
Chris Paquin
Hole 10 at Parmelee Park
Lambertville, MI, USA
Curt Greve
Hole 6 at Heritage Park
Grandville, MI, USA
$46 James Johnson
Hole 1 at Soaring Acres
Kennedy, NY, USA
Elijah Britton
Hole 6 at Wilbur Young Park
Blue Springs, MO, USA
Brett German
Hole 6 at Wickham Park
Melbourne, FL, USA
Shea Stevens
Hole 3 at Fulmor Heights HOA
Hatboro, PA, USA
Nick Phlegar
Hole 3 at Rosie's Park
Madison Heights, MI, USA
May 15
Nicholos Klotz
Hole 7 at Horizons Park
Winston-Salem, NC, USA
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