Mike Sullivan  › 2022 PDGA Amateur Disc Golf World Championships presented by Toyota   Sticky April 20 at 4:37am


First: we take full ownership and deeply apologize for the issue with the MA1 cap and resultant confusion. It was entirely our fault. We already have implemented process improvements to ensure it does not happen again.

We have painstakingly sorted by timestamp and ensured that the first 336 MA1 registrants to complete their registration are in the event and that all other MA1 registrants are in the correct order on the waitlist. That means that some of you who were previously waitlisted are in, and others who appeared to be in are now waitlisted. We understand that may be frustrating, but first-come, first-served is what's required here, and it's how the registration list currently is ordered. Thank you for understanding.

Those of you on the registration list: please double-check to make sure all your form fields are filled out. You can do this through the Edit feature if you are signed in to your DGS account. For those of you without DGS accounts, you can email [email redacted] and request your self-service update link, and we will gladly send it to you (although we will not be able to get to those until tomorrow during regular business hours).

Thank you for bearing with us through multiple technical issues tonight, some our fault and others (the PayPal outage) entirely out of our control). Good luck at Worlds!

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Bradley Dixon   April 20 at 5:05am

Frustrating would be an understatement. I would expect better than this at a league round. I hope this is not a foreshadow of the event.

DJ Hines   April 20 at 5:50am

A little grace and forgiveness might do ya some good. This is a massive event and they took the necessary steps to make it right. You ever hosted an event this big and have this many people ? #PostiveVibes

Bradley Dixon   April 20 at 6:06am

This is a PDGA major. I expect MUCH better. I have planned all year for this. (Not to mention all the time and money I spent playing to qualify last year) Now to find myself with a glitch that would not allow me to proceed past the waiver section of registration, then to meet the paypal glitch, four ... more

Chris Stapleton   April 20 at 11:58am

I was #120 on the waitlist last year, 4 weeks out from the event. I ended up still getting into the event. You'd be surprised to see how many drops there are leading up to the event. Im on the waitlist again at 71 this year. With you sitting at 55, you will probably get on.I wouldnt get to wor ... more

Joel Prushan   April 20 at 2:40pm

Chris, what are the odds you think 140 gets in? Need to manage PTO and can't just pick up and go the week before the event.

Chris Stapleton   April 20 at 3:22pm

Its hard to tell, Joel. Id say there is a chance… I wasn't really expecting it to happen last year at 120. But the list dropped quick, like 10-20 a day, especially during the last 2 weeks. I also know there were only around 5 left on the waitlist after they closed registration for the e ... more

Chris Stapleton   April 20 at 3:31pm

I mean, I already dropped two spots today. Haha. Keep it going…

Jay Maas   April 20 at 4:29pm

So I tired to register when it opened so does that count my time stamp or?

Mike Sullivan   April 21 at 2:56am

It's in order of when your registration was submitted, down to fractions of a second.

John Dieckmann   June 17 at 2:47pm

If you get in Brad, you had better CRUSH it....