2022 PDGA Amateur Disc Golf World Championships presented by Toyota

Tue-Sat, June 21-25, 2022 at Princeton Country Club in Princeton, Indiana
Disc golf singles tournament

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All PDGA Amateur Majors are “True Amateur” with player packs for all players and trophies for top finisher ... more
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Jason LaBella    Sticky June 19 at 7:17pm

If you have either lost or found a disc or other item on the course, please use this link to submit them: https://forms.gle/WQ6VH8oWiM3TYQhX9

Here is the link to all those items reported: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vwfQTe-QGeriCH-8hEInVVhIZna2RD2KG8-SDu9uMYo/edit?usp=sharing

Reach out to me if you have any questions or see your disc turned in!

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Bryant Voss   June 29 at 6:14pm

I would assume there are way more found than what's on this document. Will they be posted somewhere or will we be contacted if our discs were found? Thanks for all your hard work and dedication!

Wes Johnson   June 30 at 11:07pm

I lost a magnetic mini with my logo on it at Mesker, one group said they stashed it at a bench but I never found it. Hoping someone turned it in.

Carson Buck   July 9 at 11:08am

One of my lost discs is on that list. How can I get it back? Thanks so much!

Andrew Sweeton    Sticky June 16 at 7:47pm

MA1 Players - reminder - if you are in the event, tomorrow (June 17) is the last day to withdraw and receive a 100% refund by being replaced by a waitlist player. After tomorrow there will no longer be a waitlist and any withdrawal will be a 0% refund.

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Trever Zink   June 17 at 6:37pm

They better sleep in! Lol

Joseph Talley   June 17 at 9:44pm

I'll pay $10 to the next person to drop, then they will get a full refund haha

Joseph Talley   June 17 at 9:45pm

I'll also pay your dogs to sleep in... haha

Steven Waites    Sticky May 5 at 12:37am

We have around 100 players already signed up who have not completed the registration form. You can edit your registration and update your info from the Edit tab under your name at the top of the page. It's important that these are done soon so we can get those players shirts sizes correct among other things.

Ian Yelton   May 5 at 12:13pm

Does this pertain to those on the waitlist or only those that are currently registered for the event?

Bradley Dixon   May 13 at 11:54am

Steven, I have filled in all info that I am able to edit. I got the email. Is there any way you can check to see if I am all set?

Daniel Sidell   June 4 at 3:07pm

just got off the waitlist, and went to confirm my registration form but it says registration is closed

Mike Sullivan    Sticky April 20 at 4:37am


First: we take full ownership and deeply apologize for the issue with the MA1 cap and resultant confusion. It was entirely our fault. We already have implemented process improvements to ensure it does not happen again.

We have painstakingly sorted by timestamp and ensured that the first 336 MA1 registrants to complete their registration are in the event and that all other MA1 registrants are in the correct order on the waitlist. That means that some of you who were previously wai ... more

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Jay Maas   April 20 at 4:29pm

So I tired to register when it opened so does that count my time stamp or?

Mike Sullivan   April 21 at 2:56am

It's in order of when your registration was submitted, down to fractions of a second.

John Dieckmann   June 17 at 2:47pm

If you get in Brad, you had better CRUSH it....

Mike Sullivan    Sticky April 20 at 2:46am

We're looking into the cap issue. We will resolve all registrations in the order they were received. We have exact timestamps for all registrations. We will make sure the first 336 registrants are in, and everyone else is on the waitlist in the order they registered.

Be patient, we need to resolve this manually.

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Ryan Jouppi   April 20 at 3:07am

There was 50+ spots remaining on waitlist when I signed up. People are being added and I’m not even moving down on the waitlist? What’s going on here

Andrew Sweeton   April 20 at 3:10am

Hang on everyone, this will take quite a while as we have to do it extremely carefully, some folks are in who will end up waitlisted and many more are waitlisted who are actually in. The first 336 registrants will be in, but we have to do this manually to make sure it is correct.

Andrew Sweeton   April 20 at 3:12am

Yes with 336 spots there will still undoubtedly be a lot of drops.so people will get in off the waitlist eventually.

Mike Sullivan    Sticky April 20 at 2:08am


We are aware of PayPal's checkout outages. This event uses DGS's Collected Payments feature, which means you have a selection of payment options in addition to PayPal, including Apple Pay, Venmo, or plain old credit or debit card. Should PayPal's outage persist, please use one of these alternate payment methods.


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Hayden Evernden   April 20 at 2:19am


Scott "Deuce" Spear jr   April 20 at 3:06am

Thank you!

Hayden Evernden    June 27 at 5:38pm

Any idea what’s gonna happen with lost discs ? I lost a disc at prides, no name or # or any ink, but would love to get it back… hole 6 left side in the water

Corey DeMaio   June 27 at 6:53pm

I would like to know the same. Would love to get two discs back and would be willing to pay for shipping and time.

Matt Curtis   June 29 at 4:11pm

Same here at Mesker - doesn't look like anyone is updating the found section of the Google drive document

Morgan Lynds    June 23 at 11:36pm

Anyone know if any of the retailers have a Bushnell for sale? I checked with discraft and sun king already.


Morgan Lynds    June 23 at 9:56pm

Lost a Bushnell with a teal cover on it, I believe at prides creek.


Morgan Lynds    June 23 at 2:35am

Is there a warm up area at Princeton?

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Chance Stad   June 23 at 2:57am

You can't miss it

Jason LaBella   June 23 at 3:01am

We took over the driving range, so you have lots of space to warm up

Morgan Lynds   June 23 at 3:10am

Great, thanks so much!

Kyla Harsin    June 22 at 1:07am

Is it too late to sign up for the ace challenge?


Christina Foster    June 21 at 10:22pm

So if there is a tee time for 8am for prides it would technically be a 9am tee time eastern correct?

Jason LaBella   June 21 at 11:51pm

Yes, this is correct

Keenan Devaney    June 21 at 9:15pm

Dad accidentally put a black Lat 64 Pure on top of the car and drove away after the meeting last night. Black Skull stamp. 860-490-0624 thanks


Josh Knull    June 21 at 8:03pm

Is the princeton driving range open for throwing?


Aaron Altstadt    June 20 at 7:26pm

When are the tee times being posted?

Jason LaBella   June 20 at 7:42pm

Tonight after the players meeting

Cheay Keomany    June 20 at 3:22pm

I unfortunately missed my connecting flight and will be arriving in Indiana at 7pm. Is there an option for late check in?

Andrew Sweeton   June 20 at 3:48pm

Immediately following the player meeting

Morgan Lynds    June 20 at 3:17am

I think I left my aviator ray bands at the long drive competition? Or possibly one of the other field events. Is there a lost and found area to check for them?

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Morgan Lynds   June 20 at 3:33am

No I didn’t. But I’m the one who has your disc! Lol

Bubba Suchanek   June 20 at 3:34am

Ahh sweet, see you tomorrow to get that haha hopefully you’ll find them!

Cadence Burge   June 20 at 4:06am

Someone posted sunglasses on the lost and found list

Jake Moening    June 19 at 10:36pm

Looks like fly mart is only on Wednesday. Is there any other disc retailer nearby?

Aaron Altstadt   June 20 at 7:25pm

Vendors will be at the Block Party, Flymart, and Bosse Field.

Benjamin Gerhardt    June 19 at 10:28pm

Is there a caddy book either digital or paper available!? There’s so many questions/questionable things out on courses that I’m seeing.

Haubstadt: are scoreboard mandos being used on the holes near ball diamonds? I practiced as they were still mandos!


Benjamin Gerhardt    June 19 at 10:28pm

Is there a caddy book either digital or paper available!? There’s so many questions/questionable things out on courses that I’m seeing.

Haubstadt: are scoreboard mandos being used on the holes near ball diamonds? I practiced as they were still mandos!

Bob Buckley   June 19 at 10:39pm

Hey man MA1 doesn’t play Haubstadt. All of the information can be found on the PDGA page for worlds.

Jennie Weigand   June 20 at 3:39am

You can go to the am worlds page here: https://www.pdga.com/2022amworlds clicking on locations/maps will take you to a page with all the courses listed and links to maps and rules for each.