Mike Sullivan  › 2022 PDGA Amateur Disc Golf World Championships presented by Toyota   Sticky April 20 at 2:08am


We are aware of PayPal's checkout outages. This event uses DGS's Collected Payments feature, which means you have a selection of payment options in addition to PayPal, including Apple Pay, Venmo, or plain old credit or debit card. Should PayPal's outage persist, please use one of these alternate payment methods.


Carson Buck   April 20 at 2:10am

Thanks so much for this!

Adam Neal   April 20 at 2:12am

Thank you for the clarification!

Hayden Evernden   April 20 at 2:16am

Please help me understand this, on the register screen we have to click the paypal option to even advance forward in the payment option and when I click it, it tells me I cant access paypal, so how am i able to use another form of payment when I cannot access it?

Mike Sullivan   April 20 at 2:18am

Hayden, with Collected Payments, there is a green Continue button instead of the PayPal icon you're used to.

Hayden Evernden   April 20 at 2:19am


Scott "Deuce" Spear jr   April 20 at 3:06am

Thank you!