Collected Payments

Why use Collected Payments?

With Collected Payments, tournaments don't need a PayPal account. If you've had trouble with PayPal in the past, or just prefer not to use it, Collected Payments may be good for your event.

In addition, registering players get a few new ways to pay-- like Apple Pay and Venmo-- along with credit/debit cards and personal PayPal accounts.

Collected payments overview

For PDGA-sanctioned events in the United States, we offer the option to collect registration payments on behalf of the event.

The event can request a mailed check for any amount of the collected balance at any time.

Payment forms available to the registrants include credit/debit card, PayPal, Venmo and Apple Pay.

Enabling Collected Payments

You can select the Collected Payments option when registering your PDGA-sanctioned event.

You'll need to use the link sent by the PDGA when you sanction your event, which looks something like this:;password=abcdefg

Fees for collected payments charges a handling+transaction fee of $1.64 + 2.9% of the total registration fee for each registration. The type of payment (credit/debit, PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay) does not affect the handing+transaction fee.

This fee is equivalent to the direct PayPal registration fees.

Registrants outside of the United States pay a handling+transaction fee of $1.64 + 4.4% of the total registration fee for each registration.

Payouts by check

Payouts can be requested at any time. Payouts must be requested by tournament staff via Disc Golf Scene.

Each event is entitled to 2 mailed checks, free of charge, via USPS standard mail. Additional payouts beyond the first 2 payouts will incur a $1.00 fee. Payouts via USPS are typically delivered within 5-7 business days of the payout request.

Overnight check delivery

Overnight check delivery is no longer available.

Refunds for Collected Payments

Tournament staff can issue a full or partial refund for any registration payment.

The tournament balance must be enough to cover the refund amount.

If there are not enough funds in the tournament balance to cover the refund amount, a refund will not be issued.