Andrew Sweeton  › 2022 PDGA Amateur Disc Golf World Championships presented by Toyota   Sticky June 16 at 7:47pm

MA1 Players - reminder - if you are in the event, tomorrow (June 17) is the last day to withdraw and receive a 100% refund by being replaced by a waitlist player. After tomorrow there will no longer be a waitlist and any withdrawal will be a 0% refund.

Foster Hayes   June 16 at 9:30pm

Waitlisted people can get a refund for withdrawing whenever? I'm still hoping to get in.

Andrew Sweeton   June 16 at 9:47pm

Correct, Saturday morning 6/18 I will refund anyone still on the waitlist at 100% minus the $10 non refundable PDGA Reg Fee.

Jaden Phillips   June 17 at 3:09am

What time Saturday?

Andrew Sweeton   June 17 at 12:01pm

Depends on when I wake up and have had a cup of coffee. Probably around 7am Eastern.

mike penix   June 17 at 12:55pm

Keep praying Jaden Phillips..

Jaden Phillips   June 17 at 2:49pm

Feel free to sleep in Andrew lol

Andrew Sweeton   June 17 at 2:56pm

LOL - You'd have to figure out how to get my dog pack to sleep in for that to occur.

mike penix   June 17 at 4:59pm


DJ Hines   June 17 at 5:08pm

Hey so just to be clear if we drop today for an emergency reason we get a refund ?

Andrew Sweeton   June 17 at 5:28pm

Yes, waitlist still exists, so full refund minus the $10. After tomorrow morning, no refund.

Andrew Sweeton   June 17 at 5:34pm

OK, DJ withdrew, so Jayden, you are in! (Now Joseph wants my dogs to sleep in.)

Foster Hayes   June 17 at 6:05pm

I want your dogs to sleep in too!

Trever Zink   June 17 at 6:37pm

They better sleep in! Lol

Joseph Talley   June 17 at 9:44pm

I'll pay $10 to the next person to drop, then they will get a full refund haha

Joseph Talley   June 17 at 9:45pm

I'll also pay your dogs to sleep in... haha