Mike Sullivan  › 2022 PDGA Amateur Disc Golf World Championships presented by Toyota   Sticky April 20 at 2:46am

We're looking into the cap issue. We will resolve all registrations in the order they were received. We have exact timestamps for all registrations. We will make sure the first 336 registrants are in, and everyone else is on the waitlist in the order they registered.

Be patient, we need to resolve this manually.

Beau Bemis   April 20 at 2:47am

Thank you for the transparency!

Daniel Wood   April 20 at 2:47am

Thanks Mike!

Adam Chismar   April 20 at 2:48am

Thanks for all you're doing!

Zachariah Stamper   April 20 at 2:48am

Thanks Mike

Chris Stapleton   April 20 at 2:48am

Thanks for the heads up.

DJ Hines   April 20 at 2:49am

Thanks Mike and appreciate the heads up and transparency!

Tyler 'Treetop' Turnmeyer   April 20 at 2:50am

Your the man Mike!

Dalton Hubbard   April 20 at 2:51am

Thanks now I can sleep good

Torre McLain   April 20 at 2:52am

Thanks Mike. Appreciate the transparency.

Hayden Evernden   April 20 at 2:52am

so to confirm, their will be a total of 336 MA1 spots?

Gavin Cunningham   April 20 at 2:53am

Thank you for your work, save yourself some time and don't read my email

Bradley Larson   April 20 at 2:53am

Thanks guys. Whew.

Randall Blythe   April 20 at 2:55am

looks like im probably not getting in, thanks PayPal

Sam Moyer   April 20 at 2:55am

Thank you Mike!

Corey DeMaio   April 20 at 2:59am

So if we take the registered plus our waitlist # and are within that 336 can we assume we are good?

Randall Cook   April 20 at 3:07am

Will I be able to get in off the Waitlist? I played the 2021 AM Worlds Championship and registration was fine.

Ryan Jouppi   April 20 at 3:07am

There was 50+ spots remaining on waitlist when I signed up. People are being added and I’m not even moving down on the waitlist? What’s going on here

Andrew Sweeton   April 20 at 3:10am

Hang on everyone, this will take quite a while as we have to do it extremely carefully, some folks are in who will end up waitlisted and many more are waitlisted who are actually in. The first 336 registrants will be in, but we have to do this manually to make sure it is correct.

Andrew Sweeton   April 20 at 3:12am

Yes with 336 spots there will still undoubtedly be a lot of drops.so people will get in off the waitlist eventually.