2022 PDGA Amateur Disc Golf World Championships presented by Toyota

Tue-Sat, June 21-25, 2022 at Princeton Country Club in Princeton, Indiana
Disc golf singles tournament

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All PDGA Amateur Majors are “True Amateur” with player packs for all players and trophies for top finisher ... more
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Hayden Evernden    June 7 at 3:28pm

Is it too late to sign up for the Putting Competition?


Corey DeMaio    June 6 at 10:04pm

Any dates when detailed caddie books will be posted?


Dalton Hubbard    June 6 at 6:36pm

How do I add a guest for the competition part when it was asking to add guest?


Joseph Talley    June 6 at 2:17am

Will you keep anyone on the wait list in case of last minute drops? Maybe like the last 5-10 people on the wait list?

Andrew Sweeton   June 6 at 11:23am

We keep everyone on the waitlist until June 17, at that time we refund everyone still on it.

Bradley Dixon    June 6 at 2:13am

I just got in off waitlist. Does my registration look correct? I was one of the ones who got an email saying I had left parts out. I am willing to fix asap if needed. Thanks!

Bradley Dixon   June 6 at 2:14am

And when I try to edit my registration, the screen says that registration is closed. Thanks!

Jordan Carr    June 5 at 7:37pm

Can you tell me if I’m all set for registration? As other have mentioned it won’t let us edit and takes us to a page that says registration has closed. Just want to make sure I’m all good. Appreciate your time and effort!

Chris Stapleton   June 16 at 10:18pm

Did you ever get an answer, Jordan?

Nikki Backherms    June 3 at 6:58pm

Any info about what's in the players pack?

Ben Adinolfi   June 9 at 7:54pm

That’s a good question

Andrew Goeder    June 3 at 12:59am

Hi, I was wondering if the empty fa1 spots would be filled by the ma1 guys on the waitlist?

Bubba Suchanek   June 3 at 1:11am

He said that its not possible to do that on some other questions already...

Trey Craig    June 1 at 5:05pm

When will we know if we are in the A pool or the B pool?

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Trey Craig   June 3 at 4:14pm

Thank you!!!

Jordan Carr   June 7 at 1:40pm

Is there a ratings update today? It’s only the first Tuesday of the month

Andrew Sweeton   June 7 at 1:48pm

next week

Ian Yelton    June 1 at 11:35am

@Andrew Sweeton I got in off the waitlist yesterday, but when I try to modify my registration I get redirected to a screen that says "online registration closed on 5/24." Any update here so that we can adjust/modify our registration and make sure we take care of everything in a timely manner? Want to make sure I can sign up for some of the field events and make sure everything else is in order. Please advise at your earliest convenience, thank you!

Jordan Carr   June 2 at 6:51am

Same here, just want to make sure I’m all good with registration. Looking forward to it!

zachary tesone    May 29 at 3:25pm

I just got let off the waitlist but I can't modify my registration. Do I still need to do that?

Andrew Sweeton   May 30 at 2:37am

You should be able to use the link in the email that let you know you got in.

zachary tesone   May 30 at 4:57am

It takes me to a page that says registration is closed

Dylan Mangold    May 29 at 12:04pm

If not all the FA1 slots get filled, will they be opened up to MA1 wait listed registrants?

Jason LaBella   May 29 at 12:19pm

Sadly that is not an option because the two divisions have different course schedules.

Christina Foster    May 28 at 11:56pm

I was wondering what time after the final round on sat will the awards ceremony be? Thank you


Alan Pipkin    May 27 at 3:32pm

Is anyone looking for accommodations still? Another player and myself have a place booked from the 16th-26th and are looking for someone to fill another room. If interested, leave a comment and I'll get details to you on Facebook.

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Alan Pipkin   May 29 at 12:11am

I've sent you a pm

Ryan Edwards-Crewe   May 29 at 12:52am

Still looking?

Alan Pipkin   June 1 at 12:32pm

Yes, still looking for another person

Alan Pipkin    May 27 at 3:32pm

Is anyone looking for accommodations still? Another player and myself have a place booked from the 16th-26th and are looking for someone to fill another room. If interested, leave a comment and I'll get details to you on Facebook.

Joe Appaluccio   May 27 at 5:14pm

I would love to know some details. Facebook is Joe Appaluccio

Tom Nosenzo    May 26 at 4:02pm

What time do the festivities typically run through on the last day of the tournament? Trying to decide if I can save $$ and fly out Saturday evening.


Ted Britton    May 24 at 7:40pm

I got the email and am trying to modify my registration. The player list shows I am already in, but when I modify the registration to put in the info for shirt sizes, etc. it wants me to select the division for Ma1 (waitlist) and pay again. What am I missing here?

Ted Britton   May 24 at 7:45pm

Resolved, please disregard.

Hayden Evernden    May 24 at 7:00pm

Am I good ? I think I updated everything, don’t want to lose my spot!

Andrew Sweeton   May 24 at 7:25pm

yup, you are good!

Luke Sivertson    May 21 at 1:43pm

What’s the format for Mixed Doubles? Is it one round tee times or shotgun? What’s the start time? Being the first event it affects travel plans so it would be nice to know in advance. Thank You!

Andrew Sweeton   May 21 at 2:36pm

The time is on both the Course Schedule and the Mixed Doubles Format document, both are available on the Amateur Worlds information page here: https://www.pdga.com/2022amworlds

Jimmy Z    May 20 at 8:31pm

In the past, usually how many people got in off the waitlist at the 1 month mark? If my significant other is already registered for FA1, can I play mixed doubles with her even if I don't get in off the waitlist?

Andrew Sweeton   May 20 at 9:33pm

Nearly impossible to guess as this is the first ever MA1/FA1 Worlds. Last year we had a lot of late drops due to the COVID Delta variant increase, but that was across many Amateur divisions, not just MA1 and FA1. Doubles spots are only for singles registrants, but if we end up with room left over, you could play with her.

Andrew Sweeton   May 20 at 9:34pm

Would you like me to put you down for doubles waitlist? If so, message me directly with both names and PDGA numbers and I will do so.

Jimmy Z   May 24 at 2:13am

Thanks! I sent a message