2022 PDGA Amateur Disc Golf World Championships presented by Toyota

Tue-Sat, June 21-25, 2022 at Princeton Country Club in Princeton, Indiana
Disc golf singles tournament

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All PDGA Amateur Majors are “True Amateur” with player packs for all players and trophies for top finisher ... more
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jeremy tourville    April 21 at 11:06am

I have looked at draft of tournament schedule and I was wondering if there will be any 2 round days or all the days 1 round tee times? Also will we have to schedule practice tee times for days leading into days before tournament at the parks or is it just show up and practice?

Steven Waites   April 21 at 12:00pm

As the schedule suggests, it is 1 round per day with tee times. We also reserved the country club for the Saturday and Sunday before the event so players don’t have to get tee times to practice that course or any others.

DJ Hines   April 21 at 6:19pm

So Monday the courses won’t be available to practice ?

Foster Hayes    April 20 at 9:00pm

I try to be part of solutions and not just complain about problems. I like the new change to 2,000 points to be invited to Am Worlds but I would suggest 2,000 points and a minimum rating (perhaps 900?). Reason being, it is very easy for a player to play the novice or rec division at another big tournament and earn most of the points required to play in Am Worlds. Thus the player who wins a bunch of events to accrue their points to compete is tasked with a more difficult path to an invitation tha ... more

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Chuck Dallas   April 21 at 12:47pm

Don't know why this is a problem this year when AM worlds have always included people from divisions. Otherwise, what is the point of earning PDGA points? Maybe the point earning structure should change so that ratio of MA1 points to MA4 increases. And maybe do tiers based on ratings/points earned.

Foster Hayes   April 24 at 2:11am

It is MA1 worlds and FA1 worlds. That is the only division available for sign up. Additionally, they are pushing this event to become more and more elite which will edge players like you and I out. Yes I think its fun and will be a bummer but I don't think we should expect MA3 and MA4 to continue getting much representation under the grounds of inclusion.

Brian Wilson   April 25 at 1:50pm

Points are pretty to obtain here in the Midwest. I think further tiering the registration makes sense. (i.e. 1 Week for 970+, 1 Week for 950+, 1 week for 935+). This rewards players for playing well.

Trey Craig    April 20 at 4:10pm

This is a problem of venue. The area just doesn't have the number of courses needed to meet demand. Take it back to Charlotte next year.

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Steven Waites   April 20 at 6:01pm

I think with the way the PDGA is trying to make these events for only the best AMs (look at next year and the bids for 2024, they have less spots) single day 2 courses per pool will be the where it stops.

Steven Waites   April 20 at 6:01pm

Single round per day my bad.

Aaron Altstadt   April 21 at 1:16am

Southern Indiana has plenty of courses to meet demand. Such a trash comment that needs to be kept to one's self.

Trever Nordlund    April 20 at 1:17pm

HUGE thank you to the staff that are busting their tails to get everything taking care of! If you have never been a TD or helped put on even a small event please have some grace as there are a lot of moving parts and some parts are out of their control.

DJ Hines   April 20 at 4:08pm

Well said Trever! I have run several events and just had 90-100 capped and it was a lot. This is 10x more than that.

Tom Nosenzo    April 20 at 12:54pm

Wish I didn’t spend thousands of dollars last year qualifying to get stuck on the waitlist because there was never an announcement capping the gendered divisions.

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Tom Nosenzo   April 20 at 1:28pm

Except it’s not my “mistake”.

Greg Barber   April 20 at 1:51pm

You inability to read and know the caps is 100% your mistake.

Paul Climo   April 20 at 5:47pm

Slow Fingers

Joseph Talley    April 20 at 11:40am

If FA1 doesn't fill, will those spots got to waitlisted MA1 players?

Andrew Sweeton   April 20 at 11:49am

Probably not as the course schedule won't allow a third pool of MA1, but we'll keep an eye on that to see if anything could be done.

Chuck Dallas   April 20 at 2:09pm

It better lol otherwise a whole other can of worms will open up among waitlisted folks

Dalton Hubbard    April 20 at 11:38am

I’m down to do mixed dubs if anyone is interested?


George Hill    April 20 at 11:12am

How about publishing the registration list with time stamps? I am frustrated to say the least. I started the registration at 9:30. Also there were over 8000 invitations and only 336 spots. Come on pdga you can do better.

Andrew Sweeton   April 20 at 11:31am

Again, we apologize for the capping issue last night. You were the 387th MA1 registrant on 4/19/2022 at 10:35:03 PM Eastern. Yes, there were a lot of invites due to the explosion of the sport in 2021 which is why the points requirement has been raised to 2000 for next year's MA1 invites.

George Hill   April 20 at 2:31pm

Thanks for your response and clarification. Sorry for my frustration.

zachary tesone    April 20 at 10:14am

Just curious how many people generally cycle in off of the waitlist? I remember someone saying that usadgc generally gets through about 40 people but they have tiered registration based on ratings so I'm thinking that would lower the number of immediate sign ups

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zachary tesone   April 20 at 11:40am

thanks for the response! ill keep my eyes glued to the waitlist number until i get in. i know its early to answer this question but are there any plans to look into the potential of expanding the field for this year?

Andrew Sweeton   April 20 at 11:51am

No, we have a two full pools of 168 and any more than that would be an issue of we get an extended weather delay.

Andrew Sweeton   April 20 at 11:51am

. . . if we get . . .

Austin W    April 20 at 9:11am

Well looks like I probably won't get in this year because of another stupid glitch. Plus a 336 player cap is a little ridiculous for a tournament like this

John McDale   April 20 at 12:20pm

Run your own tourney and see how it goes.

Greg Barber   April 20 at 1:52pm

What John said.

Paul Climo   April 20 at 5:48pm

Slow Fingers

Bradley Dixon    April 20 at 5:32am

80 sub-900 players are in this event however I am WL-55 at 945 and 6,600 am points. What is going on here? Is this the MA-3 world championships?

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Paul Climo   April 20 at 5:48pm

Slow Fingers Tim

Paul Climo   April 20 at 5:50pm

Bradley if you were 970+ you would be entitled, but you aren't so you are the same importance as any am player that qualified.

Chris Stapleton   April 21 at 2:34am

Honestly, consider the invite list. Think about how many players qualified. The invite list is just a friendly reminder that we have an opportunity to register. It doesn't guarantee a spot. The tier system does provide a better chance for the higher ranked player. Hence their tier registration ... more

Foster Hayes    April 20 at 4:44am

I wish there were more tiers for registration to avoid these things. I had over 2,100 points and registered 11 minutes after registration opened and am 80th on the waitlist.

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Paul Climo   April 20 at 5:44am

Slow fingers

Timothy Loeffler   April 20 at 11:18am

My discs move faster.

Chuck Dallas   April 20 at 1:22pm

There are 79 male players - there is a whole other division with lower rating and open spots. Don't know if the two divisions should be separated into two amateur championships to accommodate demand.

Jason Martinez    April 20 at 3:50am

What’s going on? Coordinators saying only 336 are getting in for MA1 but it’s now at 369? Which is it?

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Jason Martinez   April 20 at 4:00am

Don’t tell me to chill when there was already a huge mess up saying only 145 are able to register in the first place. This is a Major event

Jordan Carr   April 20 at 4:15am

I was in the original 145 that got in right away and now got moved to waitlist at #39 with like 20 other people at #39 also

Jason Martinez   April 20 at 4:29am

Dang dude I’m sorry, this whole thing was a joke. This is a major event and can’t even get registration handled correctly.

Dalton Killingsworth    April 20 at 3:23am

I am not able to sign up for the waitlist. It is saying that my PDGA number needs to be good through June 2022, when my PDGA membership expires in December 2022.

Joseph Gardner   April 20 at 3:24am

its a lengthy quiz on the PDGA to make sure your tourney etiquette is up to snuff

Dalton Killingsworth   April 20 at 3:26am

Appreciated. I thought I had already filled this out last night but I'll see if it takes a second time.

Keith Howells   April 20 at 3:27am

Certified official needs updated

Ryszard Olszewski    April 20 at 3:21am

Does anyone know how waitlist will work? I am seeing people with high numbers (305 for example) get in over me at 295. Is there something I'm missing here?

Christopher Sandoval   April 20 at 3:31am

They are manually adding players by timestamp on the registrations

Joshua Becerra   April 20 at 4:08am

So normally if someone is 11 on a waitlist and someone who is in the tournament dropped, the person on the waitlist would move down to 10. In this instance since there was a glitch with disc golf scene, people got in out of order so they are looking at every single timestamp for everyone who signed up and making sure the first people who signed up get in

Jay Maas    April 20 at 3:21am

For those like me relying to use PayPal for this, more info here on the outage


Michael Moore   April 20 at 4:37am

Sucks that the little hitch only happened through registration. Kept a lot of people from being able to sign up.

Jay Maas    April 20 at 3:14am

So the event is capped at 336 total with ma1 & fa1?

Heath Goodwin   April 20 at 3:18am


Heath Goodwin   April 20 at 3:19am

336 ma1 168 fa1

Jay Maas   April 20 at 3:21am

Thanks for the info!

Randall Cook    April 20 at 3:11am

Will I be able to get off the Waitlist and be able to play? I am #292 and my PDGA is #68679. I know I signed up late but how is being on the Waitlist possible? I was able to play at the 2021 AM Worlds Championship and was able to get in. I also did not see for any other competitions like: Mini golf, Putting, Distance and Alternate. I also did not see about the Host Hotel or anything else either.

Keith Howells   April 20 at 3:29am

The answer to this question, “will I be able to get off the waitlist and be able to play?” And any other forms of it is, “maybe.” It depends on who drops between now and then. It also looks like they are experiencing some weird stuff with registration and will be sorting that out manually.

Keith Howells   April 20 at 3:30am

As for the other stuff, I’d assume that they’ll work some of that out later in emails and updates.

abdiel sandoval    April 20 at 3:08am

This is upsetting…

Michael Moore   April 20 at 3:12am

Agreed.. I didn’t realize there was so little spots.. at least I still have Ledgestone I guess. Second year in a row. I won’t try for it again that’s for sure

Jimmy Z    April 20 at 2:54am

My girlfriend had early registration for FA1 and listed me as her partner for Mixed Doubles, but I was unable to register because of the system glitch. Will this be fixed?

Jimmy Z   April 20 at 2:54am

Shiru Liu (158461)

Jimmy Z   April 20 at 2:56am

Jimmy Zuraw (180932)