2022 PDGA Amateur Disc Golf World Championships presented by Toyota

Tue-Sat, June 21-25, 2022 at Princeton Country Club in Princeton, Indiana
Disc golf singles tournament

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All PDGA Amateur Majors are “True Amateur” with player packs for all players and trophies for top finisher ... more
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Chantel Kolander    April 9 at 10:52pm

Is there any information on caddies/spectators? How many or if there is a cost?

Steven Waites   April 13 at 1:13am

Caddies are allowed, must follow PDGA rules. We will provide information about spectators before the event but they are welcome. The country club may charge a fee for the final round but we are working on the details.

Chantel Kolander   April 15 at 5:31pm

Thank you!

Bubba Suchanek    April 7 at 5:01am

Would love to play mixed doubles with someone! Reach out if you want to have some fun!

Eric Giuliano   April 7 at 5:21pm

I can play with you I need a partner too and I would like to win count me in thanks Eric Giuliano

Bubba Suchanek   April 7 at 6:12pm

Well I would say yes but for mixed doubles it has to be one male and one female...

DiscGolf :)    April 6 at 12:38pm

How did people get an invite for this event? I would have loved to participate.

Mike Sullivan   April 6 at 1:17pm

pdga.com/2022worlds has all the information about invite criteria.

DiscGolf :)   April 6 at 1:32pm


Curtis-Shane Gregory    April 6 at 2:51am

Any Female players want a Male partner for the mixed doubles I am in.

I assume that the partners both have to be registered for worlds in order to compete?

Andrew Sweeton   April 6 at 1:24pm

correct, each partner must be a singles participant and each must register for doubles as well.

Hayden Evernden    April 2 at 12:02am

Just to verify, the event will start on Tuesday and end on Saturday? (For booking hotel reasonings).

Andrew Sweeton   April 2 at 12:26am

Yes, singles play is Tue-Sat. Note the Player Meeting is Monday night.

Hayden Evernden   April 2 at 1:30am

Thank you! I’ll be coming in Monday, just wanted to check

Juan Pellot    March 29 at 3:58pm

Hello I was wondering if I qualified to get an invite ?

Chance Stad   March 29 at 4:59pm


Jacob Shepherd    March 22 at 1:43am

I received an invitation via email, but my name isn’t on the list of invitees on this website. I’m still able to go right?

Todd Lion   March 22 at 4:13pm

Your name is included on the DGS Invitation List. It's a big list - maybe your browser didn't load the full page or something. https://www.discgolfscene.com/tournaments/2022_PDGA_Amateur_Disc_Golf_World_Championships/invitations

Josh Sherfey    March 22 at 1:29am

Is it normal for 8149 invitations, when there is a max field cap of 500?

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Jeff Pitcher   March 22 at 2:45am

A buddy of mine got a invite last year in the latest tier level, said there were still spots open two weeks after that. Keeping fingers crossed!

Adam Neal   March 28 at 4:15pm

Matthew do you have a link to the course schedule. I was trying to find the course schedule I only thought Master worlds reduced to 4 rounds. I appreciate the help.

Andrew Sweeton   March 28 at 6:09pm

Everything is on the information page here: https://www.pdga.com/2022amworlds