2022 PDGA Amateur Disc Golf World Championships presented by Toyota

Tue-Sat, June 21-25, 2022 at Princeton Country Club in Princeton, Indiana
Disc golf singles tournament

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All PDGA Amateur Majors are “True Amateur” with player packs for all players and trophies for top finisher ... more
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Sean Dietrich    May 19 at 4:38pm

I only need 66 of you guys to drop so I can play. So if you have conflicts or other plans now is a great time to drop ;)

Sean Dietrich   June 9 at 12:56pm

update if 23 more people drop I'm gonna play, so if you are gonna drop now is a great time to do it ;)

Luke Sivertson    May 15 at 2:01am

What’s the availability for Princeton Country club for Practice Rounds the 17th-20th. Is it reserved for disc golf only on the 18th and 19th? What about the 20th? The message below was confusing.

Corey DeMaio   May 26 at 9:24pm

Did you ever find out on this? Was looking to play Princenton on the 18th just need to know if I should book a tee time or just show up

Bradley Dixon    May 12 at 1:33pm

I received an email asking me to update my registration. I checked my registration and all the options for field events, polo shirt size, travel and accommodation options are not there. I was told that I needed to update my registration by a certain date. I am letting you know that I have no option to add in the full registration options. I think you guys need to change waitlist registration options on your side of DGS. I could be wrong?

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Bradley Dixon   May 13 at 2:06am


Andrew Sweeton   May 13 at 12:35pm

Sorry, if you are on the waitlist you can't update those options until you are moved into the event. I think someone must have sent an email intended for those that are in the event who need to complete full details, but mistakenly included waitlisters, sorry for the confusion.

Jordan Carr   May 13 at 5:21pm

Thanks for the clarification!

Chad Jackson    May 11 at 8:02pm

I got a email telling me that I was promoted and didn’t fully understand it so I re registered and it made me pay the $152.14 again! I would appreciate if that was refunded please! Thank you!


Foster Hayes    May 11 at 4:53am

Any chance the field could be expanded by adding tee times earlier/later into the day or decreasing the time between card tee offs?

Sean Dietrich   May 11 at 11:13am

I think another idea may be if the Women's division doesn't fill up they could potentially take some of those spots and let some more waitlist in.

Steven Waites   May 11 at 12:05pm

Here’s an answer from the PDGA, for a previous similar question. “No, sorry, there is no way to move those spots over to MA1, as we already have two full pools and the course schedule won't allow for adding a third MA1 pool.”

Steven Waites   May 11 at 12:08pm

If you add more players via tee times, you cutting into the experience for others players, on a field size that was determined before registration, as well as making it hard for the event to catch up if there was inclement weather. As it is now the Tournament Director’s have option in the event of a delay or 1 day round cancel.

John Rodriguez    May 10 at 3:37am

I need to withdraw I suffered a shoulder injury and will not be able to attend.


Chris Violet    May 9 at 1:07pm

Is the player list finalized on the 17th? Or can waitlisted players still have a chance to get in if they show up and people don’t check-in?

Andrew Sweeton   May 10 at 5:02pm

It is final on the 17th once we refund the waitlist.

Sarah May    May 8 at 11:43pm

Hi I’ve never been to Indiana and I’m trying to figure out what type of clothing I’ll be wearing to play in. Do you recommend pants due to poison ivy? I’m used to just dodging cactus, mesquites and rattlesnakes???? where I’m from. Any recommendations as far as that goes would be greatly appreciated ????

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Sean Dietrich   May 9 at 12:16pm

It will probably be more humid than you’re used too it sounds like so wear light breathable clothes

Jennie Weigand   May 9 at 4:19pm

Hi Sarah, I am from the area and always wear pants to play in. We do have mosquitos, poison ivy, thorn bushes, spiders, ticks, and some venomous snakes (though I rarely see snakes of any kind; I'd say it is unlikely that you will). You'll probably mostly want the pants for Haubstadt, which ... more

Sarah May   May 9 at 4:29pm

Thank you both so much! This helps a lot :)

Joel Prushan    May 5 at 3:12pm

Just want to confirm. If I'm on the waitlist currently and want to remove myself, would I still get the full refund as if I waited till the 17th?

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Joel Prushan   May 5 at 5:18pm

My only concern is getting in too close to the 17th and not being able to actually attend because of how close to the event date it is.

Andrew Sweeton   May 5 at 6:23pm

Sure I understand, either way if you request earlier or never request and end up still on the waitlist at the end, the refund will happen.

Joel Prushan   May 5 at 7:24pm

Ok, thank you!

Jonathan Glass    May 5 at 4:55am

Do we have to sign up for practice rounds the few days prior or is it first come first serve ?

Steven Waites   May 6 at 12:56pm

First come first serve, The country club will be closed the 18th and 19th to disc golfers (no practice rounds between 8am and 1pm on the 17th) they are $5 and includes a cart rather you use it or not.

DJ Hines   May 9 at 5:29am

Steven, does this mean the courses are open to Disc Golfers to practice those dates ? Was confused with the wording “will be closed to disc golfers”. Also the other 3 courses are they fair game to practice on until Tuesday round 1 ?

Josh Knull   May 26 at 4:22am

Also looking for clarification about this ^. We can disc golf on the course on the 18th-19th? What abut other days?

Adam Johnson    May 5 at 12:15am

If one is coming to town June 4/5 to practice course, where could one find the Mesker worlds layout.

Steven Waites   May 5 at 12:32am

The Mesker Park complex has two 18 hole courses, the Mesker Hybrid Layout for Worlds is under the Mesker Woods Tab on Udisc. We also have the Evansville open coming up May 21st (B-tier) maps for that layout are posted on the dgscene registration page.

Corey DeMaio   May 5 at 3:04am

Will there be any coverage of this event ?

Corey Addy    May 4 at 7:13pm

In the event that FA1 does not fill up. Is there a timeframe those spots would be given to waitlisted MA1 players?

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Andrew Sweeton   May 4 at 8:47pm

Yeah, withdrawals is what you need to hope for, and I'm sure the hosts would be happy to have more volunteers if you fly out and don't get in, but note waitlisters are refunded on 6/17.

Daniel Spivack   May 4 at 9:02pm

Why couldn't MA1 players play in the C pool? The course schedule could allow for both MA1 and FA1 players to be in the C pool if the C pool is not filled up with women.

Andrew Sweeton   May 4 at 11:46pm

No, won't work. All players in a single division must all play the identical layouts prior to a shuffle and again must all play identical layouts after the shuffle prior to the cut. You would have to add two additional days to the schedule to do that.

Jeff Pitcher    May 3 at 11:56am

Looking through the comments and AM Worlds page/info, I hadn't seen the question asked, nor answered, so if it has been answered I do apologize in advance for a repeat question; Is there any info regarding a caddy or spectators? My brother wanted to caddy for me and my girlfriend is going to be coming along on this trip as well and I wasn't sure if there are "spectator" passes like in large Pro events or is it just open for spectators to follow along and watch?

Steven Waites   May 3 at 7:25pm

Spectators and Caddies are welcome within the PDGA guidelines for a major. We will not charge for passes.

Jeff Pitcher   May 3 at 11:33pm

Awesome, thanks!

Amanda Mathis    May 2 at 2:22pm

I can’t seem to find the schedule. I’ve never played worlds before so I’m a little unsure of how it all works. Was it in the email?

Andrew Sweeton   May 2 at 2:23pm

Everything is here: https://www.pdga.com/2022amworlds

Jake Parker    April 28 at 11:50pm

Open question to all attending:
Due to financial reasons I need to drop out, I already booked a hotel room (1 king bed) in Evansville but it's non refundable. If I can get the hotel to transfer names, would anyone be interested in picking up this hotel room?

Sean Dietrich   April 29 at 12:53am

Still need 94 people to drop ;)

abdiel sandoval   May 3 at 9:19pm

25 spots to go and I’ll take this if available.

Jake Parker   May 20 at 10:57pm

Reservation is still open and available

Keenan Devaney    April 25 at 9:21pm

Is it required to check in the day beforehand or is there day of check in? Current travel plans don't have me arriving until after 4 pm on Monday.

Andrew Sweeton   April 25 at 11:09pm

If need be you could check-in after the player meeting, but you might have to make arrangements to get a player pack. You have to check-in to sign a waiver or you can't play.

Keenan Devaney   April 26 at 5:10pm

Understood. Thank you very much!

Chance Stad    April 25 at 9:14pm

Looking for an FA1 player who would want to play Mixed Doubles with me... I'm a 988 Rated Canadian nerd, who would be happy putting together a competitive team, or just having fun. Shoot me a message if you you would like to play.


Brad Bullerdieck    April 25 at 1:23pm

When will the pin positions be finalized and announced to the players?

Steven Waites   May 3 at 7:29pm

Prides Creek, and Haubstadt are finalized now. Mesker Hybrid is also playable and on Udisc. The country club has multiple pin locations for FA1 and MA1.

Brett Lindner    April 25 at 2:33am

Do the people who do not get in off the waitlist get a full refund including being refunded for the fees?

Mike Sullivan   April 25 at 2:43am

People who do not get in off the waitlist will receive a full refund of their entry fee and any paid extras. The $1.34 DGS processing fee is not refundable. We neither determine the amount of, nor can refund any third-party payment processor's fee (such as PayPal's standard 3.9% + $0.49).

Andrew Sweeton   April 25 at 11:51am

There is also a $10 non-refundable PDGA registration fee. So anyone who asks for a refund off the waitlist, or is still on it when we close down the waitlist on June 17 receives $135 refund.

Keenan Devaney    April 21 at 3:23pm

Is it required to check in the day beforehand or is there day of check in? Current travel plans don't have me arriving until after 4 pm on Monday.

Steven Waites   May 3 at 7:30pm

The player meeting and check in is a requirement you should have time based on your schedule to make it.

Keenan Devaney   May 4 at 1:09am

Thanks Steven!