Willow Metropark

Willow, Michigan     1 course · 24 holes     Driving directions
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Mike S    6 days ago

Found a putter that I like and an event and date specific driver. Give description for return.
Krista does your destroyer have a sticker on it?

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Mike S   6 days ago

Haven't seen that one.

Shayne Shroyer   5 days ago

Is the putter white with a little black stamp in one of the corners? It's a judge and it's hard plastic. I forget the name of the plastic

Mike S   5 days ago

No sorry.

Krista Diamond    January 11 at 11:46pm

Lost a neon green destroyer on hole 5 on 1/7...in the snow

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Mike S   2 days ago

I dropped the disc at The Throw Shop today.

Krista Diamond   2 days ago

Thank you again!!

Mike S   2 days ago

You're welcome. We found 6 or 7 discs that day. Found 3 owners so far!

Jesse Whitlock    December 2 at 1:23am

Found 2 discs today at Willow with no names or #'s
Hole 1 and 17
Describe either so I can reunite with the rightful owner

Patrick Theisen   December 2 at 5:01am

White mvp inertia or blue mvp tesla?

Jesse Whitlock   December 3 at 2:57am

no sir...neither one are gyro or MVP

Jeff Grzywinski   December 6 at 1:23am

yellow fd3 doombird?

Luke Holtzapple    December 1 at 1:16am

Can anyone give me an update on course condition. Wet?

Patrick Snay   December 1 at 12:35pm

It was pretty dry on Tuesday, but it rained yesterday morning. There is water in the creek, but overall pretty ok.

Luke Holtzapple   December 1 at 3:04pm

Thats kind of what I was thinking. Thank you!

Ben Calhoun    November 9 at 10:05pm

*New course in Belleville, OPENING Saturday 11/11 not open yet, please read first!*
Just 5 minutes from The Throw Shop- support local, we couldn't help get this established without your support.
Saturday 11/11- NOON 5$ doubles random draw. 2$ per 5$ goes to the course. Course is not open to casual play until 2pm!
Address: 50521 W Huron River Dr, Belleville.
12 holes (baskets), grass tees, signs- 4,885 par 41.
Course rules will be for now:
1. Free this year, please donate!
2. NO outsi ... more


Chance Gallant    October 21 at 4:10pm

Left an orange warden behind I believe on hole 3 at Willow. Should have Tyler macdonnel's # on it. Found an old aviar and a daedalus last week there. No name or numbers. Describe them and I'll get em back to you!


Rich Mcpherson    October 14 at 9:16pm

Got my putter stuck in the tree left side hole 23 blue challenger has Marty peters name and pdga# on it.


Patrick Snay    October 14 at 8:53pm

Found an unmarked disc off to the left at Willow. Name it and it's yours.

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Patrick Snay   November 14 at 6:03pm

forgot to mention, it was hole 15

Aaron O'Dea   January 11 at 3:09am

Was it my orange shyke?

Patrick Snay   January 11 at 4:54pm

no, sir

Nick Oliver    September 29 at 1:49am

Lost my prized 5 ace first stamp design day-glow green Buzzz (Cryztal Z) on the farrrr left side (where its all clear now but even where it was open before) aboutttt pin high or a IDK 20 ft back or so).

Hole 12 - blue Discraft
Hole 15 - yellow Innova

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Jay B   September 29 at 10:40am

You may want to specify which hole it was

Bob DeCumen   September 29 at 11:32am

Found it last night on #24. I'll pm you. At work atm.

Shayne Shroyer   5 days ago

Yellow star Katana?

Dave Lassen    September 10 at 5:06am

Found a disc on hole 19 at Willow today describe it and I'll return it to you.

Patrick Theisen   September 11 at 2:22pm

Clear blue mvp tesla with a black rim?

Dave Lassen   September 11 at 10:28pm

Not a Tesla sorry Patrick

Patrick Theisen    September 5 at 12:15am

Lost a clear blue mvp tesla with a black rim on hole 19. Let me know if found!


Rich Mcpherson    August 29 at 4:18am

Found a disc hole 6 past the basket no name or number


Jesse Whitlock    August 29 at 4:09am

Found a disc in the Acorn Knoll practice area, possibly from Saturday dubs crowd. No name no #...


Patrick Snay    August 23 at 5:09pm

Found an unmarked disc way up in a tree on 23


Logan Cook    August 21 at 3:51pm

Question: I saw a league here a few Mondays ago. Is that still running?

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Wade Calvert   August 21 at 8:34pm

As far as I know there is a league there quite a few Saturdays at noon. Every Sunday at 2. And some Thursdays around 530-6. It might have been a traveling league

steve nolff   August 22 at 1:11am

Sorry, was trying to help. Could have been a traveling league, there are a couple that make their way out to Willow a time or two a season.

Jeremi E   August 22 at 10:31am

I think that was one of the traveling leagues.

Keith Walenciak    August 11 at 7:00pm

My good friend had some young ones borrow her discs without permission and played at new nine hole course off of hall road in Woodhaven. They accidentally left her discs behind. One of them was given to her by a good friend that passed away some years ago. It is a red and very old roc. If found, please email me. It is more than just some old disc. It would mean the world to her to get it back.


Jesse Whitlock    August 9 at 8:11pm

Found a disc at Willow by the parking lot...
No name no #
Describe it and I'll get back to ya

Patrick Theisen   August 10 at 12:22am

White mvp interia? Name and number on the inner rim

sheldon bowen   August 10 at 4:18pm

Wc golw roc

Jesse Whitlock   August 11 at 11:54pm


Patrick Theisen    August 9 at 1:15am

Lost a white mvp inertia on hole 18 to the left, got too dark and couldnt find it. Name and number on it let me know if found!


Douglas McIntosh    August 7 at 7:15am

Tomorrow, Tuesday August 8th - Willow

Huron Valley PDGA Singles League will be heading to Willow Metropark for a round from the long tees

$1 will get your round rated. For those that would like to play for cash there will be a $5 Pro and am2 division.

optional $2 cash CTP and $2 ace pool. ($10 if all in)

Ace Pool is at $1,486





David Pickle    August 2 at 4:24pm

Was out sunday and lost a red gstar beast on the left side of 21 cuz it got dark. Numer is on it. Btw was still bug free also.