Willow Metropark

Willow, Michigan     1 course · 24 holes     Driving directions
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Joe Jacobs    July 15 at 6:20pm

Found one on 15 no ink describe and I'll get it back to you

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Patrick Snay   July 15 at 9:08pm

7 mosquito bites in 2 hours? Are you sure you were at Willow? haha

Joe Jacobs   July 15 at 9:57pm

Lol. I'm glad you found your disc

Joe Jacobs   July 15 at 9:57pm

No heat or renegade

ken "sega salt" moote    July 14 at 12:14am

the bugs ARE in full assault mode. TRUTH

Jay Moyer S.D.G.C.   July 14 at 2:54am

You're hilarious!

Mike Stratford    July 12 at 6:22pm

Course is in prime shape! Mowed an very little to no bugs! Perfect time to play!

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ken "sega salt" moote   July 14 at 12:10am

omg the bugs ssss .sega

Mike Stratford   July 14 at 1:09am

Today? Yesterday around noon till we finished they were hardly noticed.

ken "sega salt" moote   July 14 at 3:59am

yea today.lol

Dave Lassen    July 8 at 7:59pm

Found one on hole 15 describe it and I will return it to you.

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Tim Dimet   July 11 at 7:41pm

Green MVP Impulse

Dave Lassen   July 12 at 10:48am

Sorry Tim not an Impulse

Tim Dimet   July 12 at 6:27pm

Bummer, thanks Dave

Tim Dimet    June 17 at 3:39pm

Lost a Green MVP Impulse on the right side of 15. Before the bushes to the right of the gap, maybe 15ft before, somewhere in the field between bike path and fairway. Name and number on it. Reward for return.


Mark Neiger    June 6 at 3:24pm

Anybody know the current conditions of the course

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Jason Venable   June 6 at 3:59pm

Played out there 2 days ago mostly dry but a few of the fairways are still wet and some muddy. If you have waterprook boots I'd wear them. And take bug spray with a minimum of 25% deet. It was windy when I played but still needed it for a few holes..

sheldon bowen   June 6 at 4:45pm

Played Sunday 10s pad is still under water and the bugs were bad sprayed myself twice during the round.

Tim Dimet   June 17 at 3:37pm

Course is pretty much dried up now, a little muddy in spots but not terrible. Bring bug spray!

Matt Bates    May 1 at 1:50pm

Course needs to dry out. Super wet and muddy on the front 12.


Jay B    April 22 at 6:49pm

Black addidas polo shirt fell off my cart somewhere, reward for return


Mike Jacobson    April 18 at 11:34pm

Lost a blue z heat on 24 last week. Daughter was playing with it and must have left it there. Reward for it's return. Name And number on it

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Luke Holtzapple   April 3 at 4:39pm

4 sho Ya’ll

steve nolff   April 3 at 5:10pm

Lol....figured so.

Nick Oliver   April 4 at 11:34am

I don't like that it's less technical, but it's not being done without any disc golfer input. They're trying to make it more playable from the longs and accessible to all level of player.

Mike S    March 22 at 9:12pm

Looking for a Blue Blizzard Krait left at #22 this week. Please contact if found.


Joe Jacobs    March 18 at 11:23pm

Found an innova disc on hole 6 with no ink. Describe the disc so I can return it to you

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Sean Perry   March 25 at 7:36pm

Was it a yellow destroyer no stamp?

mike kowalczyk   March 29 at 9:02pm

Is it a green t Bird with a Cradle to the Grave stamp it's green

Joe Jacobs   April 3 at 3:28pm

Neither of those, sorry.

Krista Diamond    March 3 at 11:49pm

Just lost a red/orange tie dye surge with a mitten dolls stamp on the submerged. Fairway on hole 2
Please call if found. $ or beverage reward for safe return.

Mark Neiger   March 9 at 5:13pm

Found your discs

Mark Neiger    February 26 at 6:13pm

Anyone been out the last couple days? What shape is the course in????

Patrick Snay   February 26 at 6:30pm

A little moist yesterday. Not bad.

Patrick Theisen    February 16 at 2:05am

Anyone been out there recently? Looking to get a round in this Saturday and just wondering the conditions.

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Mike Curry   February 16 at 11:48am

If you ever played here before you know what the deal is.....mud mud and more mud!!

Patrick Theisen   February 16 at 6:18pm

Yeah I figured that much but after a couple months off I'm itching to play a round on a warmer day

Nick Oliver   February 16 at 10:23pm

If you want dry go to Hudson or Ponds. Willow is wet.

Douglas McIntosh    January 26 at 12:58am

Willow Metropark is looking for people to fill out this survey, to help them improve the park.

The more Disc Golfers that fill this out, the more the Park will focus funds on the course


Chris Jackson   January 26 at 1:17am

33 to 58?!? Im not THAT old!

Joe Arnet   January 26 at 3:16pm


steve nolff   January 30 at 4:04pm


Mike S    January 14 at 8:15pm

Found a putter that I like and an event and date specific driver. Give description for return.
Krista does your destroyer have a sticker on it?

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Mike S   January 15 at 1:20am

Haven't seen that one.

Shayne Shroyer   January 15 at 3:39pm

Is the putter white with a little black stamp in one of the corners? It's a judge and it's hard plastic. I forget the name of the plastic

Mike S   January 15 at 5:38pm

No sorry.

Krista Diamond    January 11 at 11:46pm

Lost a neon green destroyer on hole 5 on 1/7...in the snow

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Mike S   January 18 at 6:03pm

I dropped the disc at The Throw Shop today.

Krista Diamond   January 19 at 2:34am

Thank you again!!

Mike S   January 19 at 2:58am

You're welcome. We found 6 or 7 discs that day. Found 3 owners so far!

Jesse Whitlock    December 2 at 1:23am

Found 2 discs today at Willow with no names or #'s
Hole 1 and 17
Describe either so I can reunite with the rightful owner

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Jesse Whitlock   December 3 at 2:57am

no sir...neither one are gyro or MVP

Jeffrey Grzywinski   December 6 at 1:23am

yellow fd3 doombird?

Jesse Whitlock   March 7 at 2:32am


Luke Holtzapple    December 1 at 1:16am

Can anyone give me an update on course condition. Wet?

Patrick Snay   December 1 at 12:35pm

It was pretty dry on Tuesday, but it rained yesterday morning. There is water in the creek, but overall pretty ok.

Luke Holtzapple   December 1 at 3:04pm

Thats kind of what I was thinking. Thank you!