Rock Road Rumble

PDGA logoSunday, March 27, 2022 at Carrollton Park in Bridgeton, Missouri
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Rock Road Rumble graphic
Added cash $750


Tournament DirectorJeff Willems
Tournament DirectorJake Anderson
Tournament DirectorAlex Neupert
Tournament DirectorTaylor Thomas

About this tournament

2022 Killer B’s presented by St. Louis Disc Golf Club (The Passage 3/26, Rock Road Rumble 3/27)

A B-tier with $750 added cash.

Rock Road Rumble Consist of:
Pool A starting at Carrolton and playing their final Round at Endicott.

Pool B starting at Endicott and playing their final round at Carrolton.

There will be an an hour break for lunch.

No players meeting so make sure to check your e-mail the night before of the event for more details.

Players pack consist of premium Discmania disc and a Flightowl!

Payouts to Ams will be vouchers to the St. Louis Disc Golf Club inventory (which will be onsite). Club inventory will be set up at tournament central.

There will be a raffle for many different items, and the grand prize being a Discmania Practice basket. (We will have a raffle each day 27th $ 28th)

There is a club ace pool that players will be automatically bought into, you will need to be a St Louis Disc Golf Club member to be eligible for payout of ace pool.

We will also have a separate ace pool for the tournament that you can buy into for $2. If no Aces, are hit the money will be donated to St. Louis area food bank.

NO WALK UPS - Registration closes March, 24th at 8pm.

Starting Course by Division (Pools are tentative and may change according to division sign-ups)
Carrolton ("Gold" Blue Baskets) – POOL A - MPO, MIXED PRO MASTERS, MA1
Endicott – POOL B - FPO, FP40, FA1, MA2, FA2, MA3, FA3, MA4, FA4, Juniors (Pool B to play all short baskets at Carrollton)

Refund policy

STLDGC / St. Louis Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Endicott Park
St. Louis, MO   Get Directions


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Andrew Presnell6049109$599
2Brock Rohler6453117$403
3Adrian Chevalier6553118$245
3Derek DG Green6652118$245
3Quentin Borengasser6553118$245
6Adam Marbes6754121$161
7Calvin Kinsella6557122$128
7Gavyn Brand7052122$128
9Cory Folkins6954123$96
9Phil McGuire6954123$96
9Ryan Rickard6756123$96
12Thomas Von Brecht6955124$76
13Dick England6956125
13Ryan Zile6956125
15Kellen Key6957126
15Taylor Thomas7452126
17Chase Van Burkleo7255127
17Ethan Livaudais7255127
17Nathaniel Romans7057127
20Michael Waradzyn6860128
21Mason North7655131
22Cory Rains7953132
22Ryan Jarvis7656132
24Brennan Borengasser7558133
25Terence Unger8064144
26Allen Hooper8465149
27Nickolas Fritz74-74
28Josh Riley78-78
1Patrick Ruschke6354117$386
2Roger Reyes6654120$269
3Keo Sabengsy6557122$181
4Tom Matesevac6856124$140
5Gary Suarez7156127$111
6Joshua Wedel7454128$82
7Joshua Winer7357130
8Al Kennon7358131
9Cory Sprous7460134
10Michael Fritz7659135
10Will Rosa7461135
12Dan Peraino8268150
13Robert Lenau84-84
1Rebekah Kersey6171132$77
1Dustin Klein6854122
2Jack Schulte6855123
3Brett Elam6857125
3Tyler Klingelhoefer6956125
5Anderson Heintz7255127
5Scott Houska7255127
7Chancey Green7355128
7Kyle Ward7256128
9Cole Kammien7257129
10Mike Swehla6763130
10Robert Eich7654130
12Andy Robuck7556131
12Carter Langenbacher7061131
12Matt Kleffner7259131
12Patrick Belding7160131
12Tommy Reyes7358131
12Victor Williams7358131
18Brett Graham7359132
19Andrew Ruth7657133
19Henry Sundermann7459133
21Alex Banning7163134
21Connor Milos7658134
21Luke Sivertson7064134
21Michael Dalton7757134
25Chris Pilarski8254136
25Miles Bradley7759136
25Trent Fred7759136
28Caden Durr7662138
29Josh Landholt8161142
29Ryan Koster7765142
31Tyler Rutledge8361144
1Ramon Espique5968127
2Stephen Rodgers5772129
3Anthony DeVoto5971130
4Cameron Steele6370133
5Jake Schmitz6076136
6Eric Doc Dochterman6576141
7Greg J Williams6681147
1Gary Polkinghorne6073133$57
2Ray Vuichard6474138$36
3Robert Kozlowski7276148$27
4Gary Zimmermann6587152
5Don Billing6690156
1Jonathan Meyer5667123$82
2Kyle The Hammer Hanner5471125$75
3Daniel Papineau5472126$69
4Matthew Engelmeyer5869127$63
5Michael Hefferan5474128$55
5Scott Hayden6365128$55
7Joshua Hickman6366129$46
8Khris Wellington Korzick5971130$38
8Tim Trehy5971130$38
10Andrew Raguini6269131$29
11Alex Kohlfeld6567132$13
11Remi Didry6270132$13
13Nick Schleicher5974133
13Rob Masnica6370133
15Josiah Badenoch6173134
15Justin Van Sant6173134
17Eric Raw6968137
18Curtis Wiegand6376139
18Vincent Goodman6673139
20Andy Flett6278140
20Basheir Langi6575140
20Philip Hobson6278140
23Nicholas Goebel6782149
24John Sperkowski67-67
1Virginia Polkinghorne6173134
2Louis Belamour6272134
3Joshua LaRose6669135
4Jonathan Orf6472136
5Cody Bradley6774141
5Thad Taylor6576141
7Matthew Kersey6877145
8Jonathon Hyatt6383146
9Nicholas Loynd6978147
10Collin McCartney6583148
11Dominic Fecarotta6683149
11William Bowen6188149
13Matt Utermark7080150
14Joshua Roseman6691157
15Cary Stroup7486160
15Taylor Grizzle7684160
17James Anderson7289161
18Christopher Thurman7291163
19John Platt7695171
1Carter Rodgers6671137
2Joel Lender6677143
3Jake Heuerman6877145
4Deandre Dickson6880148
5Robert Klahr6783150
6James Ly7082152
7Daniel Belding6984153
7Sean Stewart6984153
9Anthony Smith7581156
10Rob Givens7289161
11Ryan Gordon8082162
12Jeremy Muehling70100170
13Andy Magnusson8094174
1Hayley Day7590165
1Debbie Polkinghorne7180151$24
1Alexia Eguires8197178
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