Otter Brook Open 2021

PDGA logoSunday, August 1, 2021 at Otter Brook DGC in Keene, New Hampshire
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

Otter Brook is hosting the Annual Otter Brook Open. This is a 2 round C-Tier and Live Free & Drive Event.
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Bob Johnson    July 31 at 5:52pm

Otter Brook Open 2021 has been cancelled do to flooding of the park. 18 basket is under water, road to back 9 is blocked, and we have missing puncheon over one of the brooks. I am sorry for this, but the choice was not entirely mine to make.


Peter Hildebrand    July 31 at 5:25pm

The tournament for today the Flex Open has been canceled. I haven't heard anything from Bob saying tomorrows "Open" tournament has been canceled. So I guess it is still on.

Bob Johnson   July 31 at 5:50pm

The event has been cancelled due to flooding

Timothy Veltsos    July 31 at 10:33am

Otter brook has been canceled I have got an email from them


Anthony Detris    July 31 at 12:02am

Can I register the day of the tournament?


Joe Mitchell    July 30 at 1:52pm

What time does this start? No info


Edwin Bedell    July 29 at 11:06pm

Any info on the schedule yet? Tournament is 3 days away and people need to plan accordingly.

Timothy Veltsos   July 30 at 12:09am

I would like 2 know how to pay also bc I am on the pdga players list

Bob Johnson   July 30 at 4:55pm


Timothy Veltsos    July 28 at 8:48am

Hey Bob I sent you a message about the pdga site showing me registered on the ma2 and this site showing me in light grey if I need to pay how don I?

Bob Johnson   July 30 at 4:55pm

you can pay day of if you like

Scott Roberts    July 28 at 1:56am

Bob. I have to withdraw Due to work conflict

Bob Johnson   July 30 at 4:56pm


Timothy Barnett    July 27 at 6:58pm

I would be interested in joining MPO if there is room

Edwin Bedell   July 29 at 11:07pm

Registration opens back up tonight at 8

Timothy Veltsos    July 26 at 12:37am

Sorry Bob I just noticed your reply


Kaitlyn Clay    July 21 at 5:46pm

Can I be moved to MA2. I think mix up when I asked in the comments below I was moved to FA2 instead

Bob Johnson   July 25 at 5:56pm


Benjamin English    July 19 at 10:33pm

Hey Bob, I am interested in joining the MPO division if there is still room!!

Bob Johnson   July 25 at 6:03pm

Still want in Ben?

Benjamin English   July 27 at 10:33pm

Yes Bob, I would love to play!!

Edwin Bedell   July 29 at 11:08pm

Registration opens back up at 8

Timothy Veltsos    July 19 at 8:59pm

Could I be put on the ma2 waitlist


Trevor Howe    July 19 at 12:06pm

Hi Bob, can I get on the waitlist for MA1?

Bob Johnson   July 25 at 6:02pm

Still want in?

Trevor Howe   July 28 at 12:13pm

Sorry, something came up and I won’t be able to make it. But thank you!

Logan Galanes    July 17 at 2:37am

Could I be added to MA1 registration please

Bob Johnson   July 25 at 6:02pm

still want to play Logan?

Logan Galanes   July 25 at 10:22pm

Yes please

Kaitlyn Clay    July 14 at 3:04pm

2 questions:
Since there is no other FPO/FA1 can I move down to MA2 and refund price difference? Not really sure how that would work.
I haven't been to the course but plan to go and practice soon, only 1 layout for all right?

Bob Johnson   July 14 at 5:18pm

Correct, one layout. I will figure out The difference and refund.

Kaitlyn Clay   July 14 at 5:21pm

Thanks! I see you moved me to FA2, I actually would like MA2 if possible :) sorry for the confusion

Timothy Veltsos    July 13 at 6:34pm

How do i get on the waitlist

Bob Johnson   July 25 at 6:00pm

do you still want in Tim, I added you just to save the spot

Timothy Veltsos   July 25 at 9:42pm

Yes I do

Edwin Bedell    July 8 at 10:28am

I see we are down to 68 ppl. Mike is 3rd on waitlist so can he get in?

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Bob Johnson   July 13 at 5:55pm

Mike is in.

Michael Tran   July 13 at 6:41pm

Is Michael Tran close to getting on the registered list>

Bob Johnson   July 22 at 2:37pm

sending out more invites as we speak.

Nick Webster    July 2 at 3:18am

Hey Bob I wasn’t sure how waitlist was working. I commented in Early April Looking to hop on the list if a spot arises I’m still very much available for it.

Bob Johnson   July 14 at 5:22pm

Nick, do you still want to play OB Open?

Nick Webster   July 23 at 2:31am

Yes, I do.

Bob Johnson   July 25 at 6:00pm

You are in

Bob Johnson    June 29 at 7:16pm

Ok folks, so here is the scoop. First. I oversold the tourney to start with 76. We were going to add ghost card or a tweener hole. So I am waiting for it to dip below 72 before I start adding from my wait list. "Why isn't there a public waitlist" you may ask. Well its one of those disc golf things. Some folks don't want there money tied up (and pay the fee ) so I decided to do it informally. So I do have a wait list, and we will be dipping into that pretty soon I expect. So i ... more

Timothy Veltsos   July 1 at 8:59pm

Is there a waitlist or how are you doing this?