NADGT Abbey Gardens

PDGA logoSaturday, May 14, 2022 at Abbey Gardens in Haliburton, Ontario
Amateur-only C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

Abbey Gardens is excited to have been chosen as one of the Canadian NADGT stops this spring. On May 14th we w ... more
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Darrell Bankes    May 17 at 5:57pm

Congratulations to all the qualifiers for the NADGT from Abbey Gardens:

Gavin Cathie MA1 179143
Sergey Grabovsky MA1 196158
Jessica Jia FA1 167289
Austen Chyzyk MA40 208179
Jeremy Roedde MA40 156677
James Knox MA40 117379
Claus Damsbaek MA50 115917
Jennifer Hill FA50 188403
John Etches MA60 81995
Ryan Mcwaters MA2 179112
Jonathan van Oostveen MA2 208199
Jacob Kennedy MA2 190708
Myles Latter MA2 173016
Jacob Mainville MA2 182966
James Roedde MJ15 188324


Lance Kelly    May 13 at 12:57am

David it's better to bag it the tag it along!! Lol!

David Milks   May 13 at 1:13am

Got ya! Thx

David Milks    May 12 at 4:51pm

Is it pay to play Friday or is a Friday practice round included?

Bryan G. Clark   May 13 at 2:05am

I asked the same question a few days ago - gotta pay to play on Friday.

David Milks   May 13 at 2:22am

Must have missed that. Appreciate the response. Thx

David Milks    May 12 at 4:49pm

Is this a cart friendly course?


Darrell Bankes    April 16 at 4:40pm

Hello NADGT players,

The first NADGT stop in Ontario at Abbey Gardens is only four weeks away.
Please check your calendars and make sure you can still make it as we have a big waitlist, 18 players, that would appreciate a chance to compete.

I was just at Abbey Gardens on Thursday and the course is in great shape and will be even better by May 14th. Right now the woods are clear as the leaves haven't opened yet, great time to score well and see the lines you need to hit. Almost all ... more


shelley Kingma-Kitchen    February 26 at 5:38pm

Wondering why there isn't more spots for women

Darrell Bankes   April 16 at 4:46pm

HI Shelley, the spots for all divisions were not limited at the time the event registration opened, as an event promoter it is tough to predict interest and the response surprised me for this, next time we will save a minimum number of spots for women's divisions, at least for the first week of registration,

shelley Kingma-Kitchen   April 28 at 7:30am

Thank you ????

Darrell Bankes    February 25 at 4:21pm

A request was made to add the MA60 category which is supported by the NADGT, so we did that...I moved a couple MA50's up to MA60...let me know if you should be playing in this division, or make the adjustment yourself through DGS...thanks.


Darrell Bankes    February 22 at 9:26pm

Long or short in the morning?
Talked to a few people and there seems to be some consensus that playing the longer layout in the morning is preferred, willing to switch the schedule if players would enjoy that more. Some input would be appreciated here. We are always trying to make these as fun for the players as possible.

Jacob Joron   February 23 at 1:39pm

Happy either way! I've never played the course but playing longs in the morning would be good while arms are less tired. Playing the shorts gives a good idea of conditions and how the course plays though

Darrell Bankes   February 25 at 4:23pm

Thanks Jacob, I feel about as committed as you...any more thoughts players? Many players know the course though so longs while fresh and short in the afternoon has it's value...short can also reward someone who is on streak of good throws more.

Darrell Bankes    February 22 at 9:23pm

Hi, I use instagram to share what's going on at Abbey Gardens mostly, follow along at:
any important tournament updates will be emailed directly and posted here.


Darrell Bankes    February 18 at 10:06pm

Pros playing Amateur PDF from the PDGA
just in case someone is curious.