Darrell Bankes  › NADGT Abbey Gardens   April 16 at 4:40pm

Hello NADGT players,

The first NADGT stop in Ontario at Abbey Gardens is only four weeks away.
Please check your calendars and make sure you can still make it as we have a big waitlist, 18 players, that would appreciate a chance to compete.

I was just at Abbey Gardens on Thursday and the course is in great shape and will be even better by May 14th. Right now the woods are clear as the leaves haven't opened yet, great time to score well and see the lines you need to hit. Almost all the snow is gone and it is drying out nice...benefit of being on the rolling landscape of the Haliburton Highlands. The pond at 16 is extra high, check out the photos on instagram - https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/18153351157244189/

As you know this will be a shotgun start as per the schedule so make sure you are there early enough to warm-up and check-in.
If you are heading up for a practice round keep in mind we will be adding OB - Out of bounds markers on holes 1, 2, 15 and 16:
hole one, deep grass left and right side after you cross the road,
hole two, deep grass, right side, still deciding where to start, might just start once you pass the short basket,
hole 15, making this an island green, assume a drop zone close to where the paths converge from the long and short tees,
hole 16, right hand side, as per the cut line give or take,
Hoping to get these installed next week.

If you are planning to play Abbey Gardens a fair bit this season please consider buying a membership or joining our Thursday night league that is starting in May. Proceeds go directly to the course and also support other programming at Abbey Gardens.
Memberships are available to purchase now at:

We will soon be promoting the league and offering up bag tags to go with.

Some of you may also be signed up for the NADGT event at Haute Goat. Lots of work left to do before opening in May but it will be ready.
Check it out on instagram at Haute Goat Disc Golf or at the website:

I will send another email closer to the date and make some comments as needed on Disc Golf Scene.

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