Darrell Bankes  › NADGT Abbey Gardens   February 22 at 9:26pm

Long or short in the morning?
Talked to a few people and there seems to be some consensus that playing the longer layout in the morning is preferred, willing to switch the schedule if players would enjoy that more. Some input would be appreciated here. We are always trying to make these as fun for the players as possible.

Jacob Joron   February 23 at 1:39pm

Happy either way! I've never played the course but playing longs in the morning would be good while arms are less tired. Playing the shorts gives a good idea of conditions and how the course plays though

Darrell Bankes   February 25 at 4:23pm

Thanks Jacob, I feel about as committed as you...any more thoughts players? Many players know the course though so longs while fresh and short in the afternoon has it's value...short can also reward someone who is on streak of good throws more.