LWS Amateur at Idlewild presented by Dynamic Discs & The Nati

PDGA logoFri-Sun, July 15-17, 2022 at Idlewild in Burlington, Kentucky
Amateur-only A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Welcome to the LWS Amateur at Idlewild Tournament. Presented by Dynamic Discs and hosted by The Nati Disc Gol ... more
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Scott Jenkins    5 days ago

Hi guys. I've had 2 players I was gonna split a hotel room with drop out. I hadn't reserved anything yet.

Anyone coming to the event have room for someone else to crash for Saturday night? With gas as high as it is and being 2 hours from me one way it just doesn't make sense to drive 12 hours over 3 days to play this event.

Feel free to message me on Facebook... Scott Jenkins. Or reply here.


Scott Jenkins   5 days ago

That was meant to say Friday and Saturday.

Paul Scarpato    5 days ago

When will the caddy book be updated to include the course changes for this year? Also, has the custom apparel been finalized for the AMs player packs yet? What will that include?

Adam M. Jones   5 days ago

Updates are almost ready to publish, should have them available in a few days. I'm pretty sure the apparel order has been placed already by Jason. I'll check with him on that detail...

Jordan Monnin    7 days ago

Is there any opportunity of camping at the park for the tournament? I thought I saw something on this, but cannot find it.

Jason Kerl   6 days ago

That is only for the Pro weekend unfortunately

Jordan Monnin   5 days ago

Understood, thanks!

Robert Brewer    June 18 at 4:18am

Is the course going to be closed any days between the pro and am tourney days?

Adam M. Jones   June 18 at 4:31pm

Will be open from July 11th to the 14th.

Chris Hill    June 17 at 6:48pm

Adam what’s the refund policy if I withdraw?

Adam M. Jones   June 17 at 9:16pm

We do full refunds when there are players on the waitlist to take spots. Full refunds for all those still on the waitlist. Minus the fees of course.

Adam M. Jones   June 17 at 9:19pm

Please let us know as early as possible if you do need to withdraw, allows the next player inline to prepare accordingly.

Charley Smotherman    June 6 at 6:24pm

If pools and whatnot allow for it, could I be transferred from MA1 to MA2? I want to reduce the likelihood I'll embarrass myself. 190798.

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Charley Smotherman   June 6 at 7:40pm

Please and thank you

Adam M. Jones   June 7 at 1:50pm

Gotcha buddy, moved to MA2.

Charley Smotherman   June 7 at 8:50pm

Thanks again, friend.

Dylan Trenum    June 3 at 10:22pm

Will we be playing the changes to the course this year or sticking with the same layout from last year? Thanks.

Adam M. Jones   June 4 at 9:26pm

Any changes made to this years layout will be played by everyone.

CHARLES RAIFF    May 23 at 7:47pm

Are you doing opportunities for Hole Sponsorships?

Adam M. Jones   May 25 at 5:37pm

We are mostly focused on the DGPT event but yes, we can offer sponsorships for the Amateur event. Send an email to Jason Kerl at [email redacted] for further information.

Chester Meade    May 23 at 1:07am

Are you going to have a 60 division

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Adam M. Jones   May 23 at 2:25pm

Would you like me to go ahead and refund your entry now?

Chester Meade   May 27 at 2:45pm

Go ahead and move me to rec. If I get in fine if I don't you can refund. Thank you

Adam M. Jones   May 27 at 3:01pm

Sounds good buddy, moved you to MA3 for now. Now we wait and see...yes, will refund if you don't get in.

Travis B Bowerman    May 22 at 6:48pm

Adam, any chance I can move to MA3?

Adam M. Jones   May 23 at 2:23pm

Sure can Travis, I went ahead and moved you this morning.

Daniel Roof    May 16 at 10:41pm

Had to withdraw from Ma3. Refund request sent. Hope to make it next year.

Adam M. Jones   May 17 at 6:46pm

Sorry you can't attend buddy, refund sent

Brock Melick    May 13 at 7:01pm

Hello, besides a caddie are others allowed to walk with the group? and if so what is a limit?


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Brock Melick   May 16 at 2:49pm

My daughter is playing so, I am caddie, and just checking if her mother and brother are able to walk as well.

Adam M. Jones   May 16 at 3:00pm

Yes, that would be fine.

Brock Melick   May 16 at 4:25pm


Jeff Cline    April 19 at 1:18am

Had to drop unfortunately. Maybe next year.

Adam M. Jones   April 19 at 2:23pm

Sorry you can't attend buddy, yes, hope to see you next time.

Adam M. Jones    March 23 at 2:56pm

I increased the wait list cap to 70.


Adam M. Jones    March 18 at 7:47pm

Division caps removed and we have promoted the next 10 players from the wait list to fill the remaining spots available.
As players drop out we will promote the next person in line on the wait list.


Joshua Gray    March 16 at 12:22am

Hey Adam, thanks for the info! I have one quick question that I have never understood. Say someone drops out of the MA2 division. Would that spot go to someone on the waitlist in that division, or the next on the waitlist tournament wide? The first scenario would keep the number of people in each division roughly the same, the second would result in the size of the divisions changing (maybe by a lot) and also mean the chances of getting in are completely independent of which division you are on ... more

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Joshua Gray   March 18 at 8:11pm


Carmen F Granger   May 3 at 1:03am

Oh dang, I thought people in women's divisions got added from the waitlist first. So that isn't the case I guess?

Adam M. Jones   May 3 at 8:43pm

That is correct Carmen, the wait list players get promoted based on time of registration.

Adam M. Jones    March 15 at 8:21pm

We will be removing the division caps tomorrow at 6pm. Any spots not taken will then be given to the next in line on the wait list.

Joshua Phelps   March 16 at 5:57pm

Will you be issuing the refunds of the people dropping before the division cap is dropped?

Casey Garnett   March 17 at 3:38pm

doesn't seem like division caps were removed unless I'm blind

Adam M. Jones   March 18 at 5:31pm

Sorry guys, I haven't done it yet. Haven't had a chance to get to it. Will do it later today though.

Adam M. Jones    March 15 at 8:19pm

Hey everybody, I understand many more would like to be added to the waitlist. We won't be manually adding any more but we do have some refunds to process which could open some spots. Keep an eye on this one as we have more players drop every week. Last year we did have over 60 players drop out before the event. Not sure how it will go this time though.
If you are on the wait list, we will process all refunds after the event starts, just in case you could be at the top and get in. If anyone would rather not wait you can simply request your refund sooner if you wish.


Chase Church    March 15 at 4:02am

If possible may I be added to MA3 waitlist. Chase Church 142410

Kenny Kwong   March 19 at 3:23pm

Just wondering but have you tried registering? you get added onto the waitlist. That may be the only way as I dont know if the club allows cashless registeration

Jon Smith    March 15 at 2:42am

Add me to waitlist for MA1. PDGA number is #158307.