This event has been canceled.

Early Bird Open 2020 sponsored by Discraft

Saturday, May 9, 2020 at Buhl Park in Hermitage, Pennsylvania
Disc golf singles tournament

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Early Bird Open 2020 & PDGA Women's Global Event

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Trevor Murphy    Sticky March 20 at 6:40pm

The PDGA has Suspended Sanctioned Events until April 30th.

WE have changed our Refund Policy to suit.

We are offering Full Refunds (Minus PayPal Fees) to all Registrants now through April 30th.

If you would like you can also have us credit you towards Registration of our SVDGO, Maynard, or Gtown Throwdown as a Rain Check Registration instead. (ie using your EBO Registration for another event)

We do not plan to Cancel the event at this Time. However I am keeping watch on Local and ... more


Trevor Murphy    April 3 at 8:49pm

Due to the Covid-19 Virus Outbreak and the continued efforts to contain it. As well the uncertainty of the Month of May and the Player's Safety. I have decided to Cancel the Early Bird Open 2020

It truly bums me out to Cancel the event. But to insure an awesome players pack, AM Payouts, as well as a quality event for you to enjoy, I have run out of the time needed to make things happen. I would like to Thank all the Players that Pre-Registered so Early and want to thank you all for the s ... more


Sam Court    March 19 at 2:18pm

If this event is canceled will everyone get their money back instead of getting stuck with players packs? I would hope with everything that’s going on, they haven’t been ordered at this point.

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Daniel Ragland   March 19 at 3:09pm

I like the no player pack idea with adjusted payouts.

Howie Kocher   March 19 at 3:17pm

I’m holding out hope... stay smart and healthy people!

Trevor Murphy   March 19 at 4:25pm

We are playing it all by ear right now. I will post as things develop.

Josh Cale    March 7 at 6:53am

Josh Cale 124622 to ma3 waitlist please

Trevor Murphy   March 13 at 11:22pm

Disregard the previous comment.

Trevor Murphy    January 31 at 12:39pm

Early Bird Open and Women's Global Event 2020 is now FULL!

We have started the Wait List!

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JT Miletta   February 25 at 1:45am

Hi please add JT Miletta to Waitlist MA1. Thanks

Trevor Murphy   February 29 at 2:54pm

You got it!

JT Miletta   March 3 at 1:29am

Thank you

Trevor Murphy    January 28 at 12:31pm

Just a reminder.
I have no issue with hosting Divisions with 1 -3 People in them. But be aware. If you want a John Ruggles Trophy... you will need to be in a Division of 4+ Players.

Due to the amount of divisions with lower than 4 players, we can not expend the resources to host Trophies for Every Division that is Registered.

Only Divisions with 4 or More Players will receive a Commemorative Trophy for placing 1st.


Trevor Murphy    January 21 at 11:18pm

Griddle PHIL is BACK with an EPIC on site Lunch for ALL!!!

Check out the Menu

Only 29 Spots remain!


Trevor Murphy    January 18 at 3:51pm

With 36 Registered. We have announced the Tee Layouts for Current Registrants as well as the Pin Positions that will be played Day of the Event. These will not be in play until Spring. Currently Buhl is in a Short Pin Layout.


Mark Fobes    December 31 at 6:16am

MA3 91849

Trevor Murphy   December 31 at 12:46pm

Bag Tag Holder 2020. Pre Register. Gotcha! You get your $5 OFF Day Of the event as a refund.

Robert Grimm    December 31 at 12:24am

Ma3 114186 please

Trevor Murphy   December 31 at 3:17am

Bag Tag Holder 2020. Pre Register. Gotcha! You get your $5 OFF Day Of the event as a refund.