Dynamic Discs Presents the Nacogdoches Open

PDGA logoSat-Sun, June 4-5, 2022 at Pioneer Park in Nacogdoches, Texas
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

This event will be three rounds of shotgun start. Two rounds on Saturday and one round on Sunday. Three courses will be in use. Pool and course assignments are subject to change.
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Jesse Weaver    June 4 at 1:41am

Which teepad are we supposed to throw on Pecan hole 14. The left pad has DD flags but measures are 275 and the right pad measures the correct 260.

Robert Waldon   June 4 at 1:52am

The left is the pad that is being played.

Drew eby    June 2 at 9:48pm

Is there any updated information before this weekend? I havent send any players email come through and just want to make sure i didnt miss it. Im under the assumption that the flier and about section are correct.

Will Foster   June 3 at 3:32am

We'll get all that Friday evening

Galwin Wade    May 30 at 4:49pm

Since more spots was added to mpo


Jeffery Franklin    May 26 at 2:23pm

Need to withdraw from the event


Mark Bowman    May 23 at 5:01am

I haven’t seen any of these courses before only have time to come in and play one course, which course should I play?

Grady Adams   May 23 at 10:49am

The lake

Charlie Vercher   May 23 at 12:01pm

Definitely the lake

Stephen Gaydos    May 20 at 2:53pm

Will the off courses be available to play that Friday (June 3rd) as well, aside from the Pioneer flex play? Pecan and Lake Nac.

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Stephen Gaydos   May 20 at 2:56pm

Ok will do, thanks for the quick reply!

Wyatt Hardenberg   May 20 at 4:55pm

Typically every course is open to play the days prior. Just be respectful of the players competing in the Pioneer Flex event since they paid in and are competing. Usually the courses get marked and flagged by Friday morning at the latest for the OB lines, DZ's, etc.

Stephen Gaydos   May 22 at 2:02am

I’m gonna be one paying in! And I will certainly respect myself :) Cody confirmed the other courses will be available by the way.

Edward Gardere    May 17 at 10:07pm

I have to withdraw as I tore a wrist tendon or muscle at the Capitol of Texas tourney this past weekend.

Maegan Kaminsky   May 17 at 11:12pm

If you click on the players tab, at the top there is a withdraw button. I just had to withdraw for similar reason myself.

Trace Lawrence    May 16 at 2:39pm

Will the new mando be in affect on hole 2 of Pecan?

Grady Adams   May 16 at 2:59pm

Where is this mando?

Will Foster   May 21 at 9:11pm

There's a double mando about 225 from tee between two trees. Makes what already was pretty much a par 4 a true par 4 now. I imagine they will use it

Scott Davis   May 24 at 3:52pm

Sounds like a great change!

Joseph Cooper    May 10 at 2:40pm

What do I get in player pack if registering now?

Dynamic Discs Carrollton   May 10 at 2:44pm

We do not have info on player packs just yet. It does not matter when you register, everyone gets the same player pack. Please email future questions to [email redacted], thanks!

Justin Wade    May 8 at 12:40am

So for players who are still registered, will we need to reregister?

Grady Adams   May 8 at 12:20pm


Dynamic Discs Carrollton   May 8 at 7:51pm


Will Foster    May 7 at 5:59pm

No longer any registration? Will it ever open again for anything?

Grady Adams   May 8 at 12:14am

It reopens on the 9th. They’ve changed it back to previous years format

Allen Beaver    May 5 at 2:13am

I need to withdraw from this tournament. Please contact me with what I need to do.
Allen Beaver
[email redacted]

Grady Adams   May 5 at 12:52pm

Go to the players tab and there is a withdraw button at the top of the page under your name.

Maegan Kaminsky    April 29 at 9:08pm

Flier shows Am Ladies in C pool playing Lake 2, Pecan, Lake 1... but about section says C pool plays Pioneer, Lake, Pecan.... any idea which is correct or when correct schedule will be posted? Coming from out of town for practice round(s) and prefer not to play totally blind.

Grady Adams   May 8 at 12:15am

Am Ladies play pioneer then original lake course then pecan

Will Foster    April 28 at 6:47pm

Will more waitlist spots open for MA 2/3?


Stephen Gaydos    April 16 at 3:52am

Your schedule does not show anything for D Pool. It's still a little bit of time away, but it will be helpful to include this as part of the "About" section so we know a little better of what to do. Currently, I would assume we just follow what the flier shows, but we still don't have a time schedule. Could you please eventually add this to the plan for the tournament. Thank you.

Dynamic Discs Carrollton   April 16 at 3:25pm

Thanks for reaching out, Stephen. We will definitely add to the schedule as information comes out. We will make sure this is done no later than two weeks before the event if not sooner. Thanks!

Eva Clawson   April 25 at 12:32am

The schedule on the about page has different courses than the flyer. I know it's subject to change but which one is most likely to be closest? We are going to try to get out there next week and I want to try to play the right courses since I've never played out there. Thanks!

Dynamic Discs Carrollton   April 25 at 7:04pm

Both Courses at Lake Nacogdoches, Pecan Park, and Pioneer park are all played for this event as of now. Thanks!

Zach Efird    April 9 at 11:55am

When will Lake 2 be open, do not see it on UDisc, don’t mind the change but will like to play it at least once before the turny

Matthew w   April 9 at 12:44pm

Baskets are currently being put in

Matthew w   May 4 at 4:45pm


Matthew w   May 4 at 4:46pm


Chris Thompson    April 9 at 1:42am

When did the pools/courses change? Kind of disappointed to see the change after signing up.

Amy Adams   May 3 at 6:32pm

Says on the flyer pools are subject to change

Albert Blake    April 1 at 1:09pm

I received an email about registration going live tonight at 8 pm cst. However this page shows April 8th. Could you provide clarity?

Dynamic Discs Carrollton   April 1 at 3:02pm

It will open on April 8. We are currently hosting Texas States and want to make sure registration for other events is set up right before opening. Thanks!