Stephen Gaydos  › Dynamic Discs Presents the Nacogdoches Open   April 16 at 3:52am

Your schedule does not show anything for D Pool. It's still a little bit of time away, but it will be helpful to include this as part of the "About" section so we know a little better of what to do. Currently, I would assume we just follow what the flier shows, but we still don't have a time schedule. Could you please eventually add this to the plan for the tournament. Thank you.

Dynamic Discs Carrollton   April 16 at 3:25pm

Thanks for reaching out, Stephen. We will definitely add to the schedule as information comes out. We will make sure this is done no later than two weeks before the event if not sooner. Thanks!

Eva Clawson   April 25 at 12:32am

The schedule on the about page has different courses than the flyer. I know it's subject to change but which one is most likely to be closest? We are going to try to get out there next week and I want to try to play the right courses since I've never played out there. Thanks!

Dynamic Discs Carrollton   April 25 at 7:04pm

Both Courses at Lake Nacogdoches, Pecan Park, and Pioneer park are all played for this event as of now. Thanks!