Discraft Presents: Spike Hyzer's: 36th Sneeky Pete Classic - Under 935 Rated

PDGA logoSat-Sun, September 18-19, 2021 at Cedarock Park in Burlington, North Carolina
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

CAPS WILL BE RE-EVALUATED ON AUGUST 1. If your division is full, get on the wait list. GET IN WHILE YOU CAN. ... more
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Zarek sobkowski    September 18 at 9:35pm

If anyone is interested in trading me their players pack disc bin for discs please message me on Facebook

jeremy hammond   September 18 at 10:01pm

I have a friend who will. He said he'll bring it tomorrow. He plays RC and Wellspring

THE Chuckster   September 19 at 9:36am

I will also have some for sale. $35 ea., 3/100, 5/150

Del Duquette    September 16 at 3:44pm

is Cedarock course open to the public on Friday the 17th?

Jacob Wade   September 16 at 10:56pm


THE Chuckster    September 16 at 12:33pm

Thanks for taking the time to pre-register for The Sneeky Pete Classic. I encourage you to take a few moments to read this email; it will go over things that will help you prepare for the event. While there will be a brief player meeting, a majority of the stuff in this email will not be discussed.
We are using the same layout as last year with a few distance adjustments as well as shorter tees put in on some of the holes for the lower rated divisions.
GOOD NEWS!!!! Rock Creek has been a ... more

THE Chuckster   September 16 at 12:34pm

^^^^^^SINCE EMAIL HAS BECOME UNRELIABLE FOR SHARING INFORMATION. Read above for important evnet info ^^^^^^^

THE Chuckster    September 15 at 6:36pm

Rock Creek scorecards and tee assignments are also posted under pictures. Pictures of tee marker indicators as well.


Evan Lawrence    September 15 at 6:12pm

Will the tee assignments for Cedarock be posted online at all?
Also, is the course layout on UDisc correct for the Rock Creek course?

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THE Chuckster   September 16 at 12:35pm

I don' know what the deal is. For some reason email is not working anymore. Checked with DGS and they said maybe I'm sending to too many people. Did not have this problem with CAC (450 players) just sayin.....

Jason Emburey   September 16 at 12:50pm

I just received the email.

Casey Wilkes   September 16 at 8:22pm

Got it this morning. Thanks!

Brandon W    September 15 at 2:33pm

What time will rock creek be set up by? UDisc says by 5, here is says by 3. Thanks!

Jacob Wade   September 16 at 1:23am

It's set up

Timothy LeMaster    September 14 at 10:34pm

Does Pool A not play Well Springs or is that a typo?

Collin Murphy   September 15 at 1:42am

As of rn that is correct but subject to change depending on division sizes

THE Chuckster    September 14 at 9:01pm

MA3, MA60 and ALL WOMEN divisions will play short tees on Rock Creek.

Brandon Moore   September 15 at 1:13am

For Wellspring, will we be playing what's posted or the "All-star" layout (shorts on 3, 8, 11, 17, 18)?

Robert Hooker    September 13 at 1:10pm

Due to a back injury I will have to withdraw from the tournament...

THE Chuckster   September 13 at 5:15pm

Refund issued.

THE Chuckster    August 31 at 3:41pm

Open course baskets will be in tournament positions on September 5th.
Rock Creek should be set up for practice by Wednesday, the WEEK of the event.


Jason RĂ©    August 25 at 4:03am

Why isn’t there an MA40?

THE Chuckster   August 25 at 1:26pm

MA40 is on the second weekend of Sneeky.

Lynne Gerber    August 13 at 5:42pm

Sneeky Pete Under 935 Players - Putting Challenge organized by Lynne Gerber starts tomorrow, August 14. Contact Lynne at [email redacted] if you want to join in or of you want more info.


Daniel DeBrecht    August 4 at 7:59pm

Have to withdraw due to a wedding conflict. I submitted it under my registration as well. Thank you.