BC Open presented by Discmania

PDGA logoFri-Sun, July 21-23, 2023 at Raptors Knoll Disc Golf Park in Township of Langley, British Columbia
A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Dylan Carter    May 30 at 4:04am

Hi, I am on the waitlist #1 for MA1 curious what the chances are that I will make it into the tournament? If other Am divisions don't fill will more space be made in MA1?

Terry Rigby   May 30 at 4:22am

It looks like your #1 on the MA1 waitlist. You're all but guaranteed to get in.

Chance Stad   May 30 at 4:28am


Dylan Carter   May 30 at 2:27pm

Checked this morning and I am in lol that was fast! So stoked :)

Justin deVries    April 28 at 12:32am

Any chance some of the pros will be hosting clinics? Take my money...

Craig Sheather   April 28 at 12:57am

Maybe. You will have to wait and see,,,, its just like Christmas.

Craig Sheather    April 26 at 3:14am


Craig Sheather    April 26 at 2:40am



Nathanael Baker    April 26 at 1:29am

Howdy, looking forward ftothis event. I signed up for MA1 because it looked like MA2 was full. Looks like you have opened up some spots, could I switch to MA2?

Terry Rigby   April 26 at 3:10am

I believe you can go to the Players tab and under 'My Registration's click Edit and choose an alternate category

Matt Prosk    April 4 at 7:31pm

Hi Craig, thank you in advance for your efforts in organizing the tournament. My son and I are deeply addicted disc golfers in our first year. I am an MA3 player, and I was wondering if there were any details about the pool C course available at this point. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


alex logsdon    April 2 at 10:37pm

Hello do you know what pads ma3 will be playing at raptors?

Craig Sheather   April 3 at 4:06am

You can expect a lot of red. Thats the best I can do right now. Maybe Blue 7 and 9. I will have to look at our basket placements for BCO to be sure.

Mark Bardei    April 1 at 7:51pm

Hello. I would like to thank in advance for putting this event together. Following with some questions regarding MA2
1. Pool B play Horse course, when will layout be released? If stays the same as last year, does ma2 play long tees as described in caddie book 2022?
2. Any events or additional practice time at Horse course will be available prior to BC Open Thursday June 20th?
Thank you for your time

Craig Sheather   April 3 at 4:01am

Official course will be released with the players meeting the weekend before. We are working on some small changes from last year. But you can expect same as 2022 for MA2. We are working on a fundraiser event the weekend before at the horse course. details will be up about the beginning of May. Hope that helps.

Mark Bardei   April 5 at 7:50pm

Thanks a lot! I appreciate

Jake Ronhaar    March 22 at 7:38pm

Is there a rough idea for when each division tees off each? Mainly looking possible timing for when MA1 would tee off for Day 1 and Day 2 at Raptor. Would love to sign up for this event, but have another obligation late afternoon Saturday 7/22. Figuring out if I'd have a shot at being done with my round by then. If rough timing isn't available yet for this year's BC Open, roughly what time did MA1 tee off last year?

Craig Sheather   March 23 at 6:09am

Jake, you can expect am tee times. Starting at 7am and going to about 11.30am. You should be done by 3pm at the latest. Hope that is helpful. Craig

Eric Sandbo    March 21 at 7:50pm

Playing MA70, so will be at Campbell Valley. I drove across the border to see it today, but it's a big park, and I'd like some info about what portion of the park I should look at. Don't need any details, other than where to park but would like an idea about forested vs. open, cart-friendly vs. backpack, that kind of stuff. Thanks.

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Craig Sheather   March 21 at 11:36pm

It is the north east section of the property on 16th Ave. Very cart friendly and mostly an open course. It is set up temporarily and we will have info on a event the weekend before on the course and a practice day on the Thursday.

Eric Sandbo   April 19 at 2:56pm

Thank you!

Robert Dixon   May 14 at 10:51pm

I did a walk thru last year https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kWoupbCmpio

Kirt Greene    March 21 at 4:44pm

Thank you

Craig Sheather   March 21 at 6:49pm

Your welcome.

Craig Sheather    March 21 at 4:35am


Kirt Greene    March 20 at 11:55pm

I tried to register for MA50. It says there is 15/20 spots taken but I am on the wait list. Can you please explain?

Craig Sheather   March 21 at 4:36am


Craig Sheather   March 21 at 4:36am

And cannot explain why.

Jordan Newman    March 4 at 1:21am

is there a rough idea as to what divisions play what tee pads? Thanks

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Jordan Newman   March 4 at 1:47am

thanks, i'm more curious about MA2 at raptors i don't see it listed. Last year was blues but just wanted to check for practice purposes.

Terry Rigby   March 4 at 2:12am

Sorry Jordan. Totally didn't even notice that. I'd assume though you'd be on the blue pads.

Craig Sheather   March 4 at 5:33am


jamie drummond    March 2 at 5:29pm

MA2 was full so i decided not to sandbag MA3 and get my butt kicked in MA1, Am i allowed to sign up for the MA2 waitlist as well?

Craig Sheather   March 2 at 5:42pm

Jamie I will move you into MA2.

Jenne Anne    March 2 at 5:36am

Why do we need a BCDS players membership when we are already covered by PDGA insurance?

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Craig Sheather   May 4 at 5:01am


Andrew Janzen   May 29 at 3:18am

So this is over and above the $60?

Craig Sheather   May 29 at 5:14am

Yes, One time annual fee for all events in BC. If this is your first event then yes it is on top of the $60

Jeremy White    March 2 at 4:19am

Will the layout for the Campbell Valley course be the same or at least similar to last year?

John Gould-Thorpe   March 2 at 5:07am

similar with a few possible adjustments.

Gabrielle Lee   March 2 at 5:09am

I'm calling another Jeremy White ace ;)

Craig Sheather   March 2 at 5:14am

InDesign group have some tweaks but mostly yes

Adam Bruno    March 2 at 3:08am

Hey I see most of the AMs only get to play Raptors once but still have to pay full green fees for it? Why is this?

Sean Galbraith   March 2 at 3:27am

Looks like not even most AMs.. only half of some divisions.

John Gould-Thorpe   March 2 at 3:28am

There is also a "green fee" for CAmpbell Valley as well. This fee is in exchange for the equestrian society using their equipment to mow the area we use for disc golf.

Craig Sheather   March 2 at 5:13am

Thx. John. This is correct

Derek Salmon    March 1 at 8:49pm

Hi Craig, I sent you an email about the Juniors…

Craig Sheather   March 2 at 5:12am

Yes we have it handled.

Craig Sheather   March 2 at 5:48pm

Derek, I have added the spot on DGS so it is more visible. PM me if you need anything else.

Alex Nowak    March 1 at 6:51pm

Hi team, very excited to try to grab a spot in the BC Open again this year. Do you think there will be another pre-tournament event at the horse course like last year? That would be helpful to get a round in beforehand and may reduce some of the load on July 20th.

Logan Nazareno   March 2 at 4:59am

I second this, it was great last year

Craig Sheather   March 2 at 5:12am

We are working on it.