DisCap presents April Showers 15, driven by Innova

PDGA logoSat-Sun, April 24-25, 2021 at Hyzer Creek DGC in Middle Grove, New York
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

Tee times are posted on the PDGA tournament page.
Detailed check in, carpooling and course instructions were sent via the email that was used when you registered.
Fill out the COVID waiver PLEASE
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Anthony Ludlow    April 21 at 12:43am

Is there anyway i can sign up still? i see 5 spots are available and id love to play ma3

Jeff Wiechowski   April 21 at 12:53am

Im sorry, im ready to announce tee times

Anthony Ludlow   April 21 at 4:14pm

Alright thank you for reaching out

George Brown    April 19 at 3:55pm

Jeff can you move to to MA40 please.

Jeff Wiechowski   April 19 at 4:40pm


George Brown   April 19 at 5:13pm


Ethan Stansbury    April 18 at 9:37pm

Hoping tee times are posted soon... trying to set up lodging. Thanks!!

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Ryan Johnson   April 19 at 9:19pm

Where would the schedule be posted?

Jeff Wiechowski   April 19 at 11:51pm

It will be a column on the PDGA tournament page. https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/50040

Jeff Wiechowski   April 20 at 1:34am

I'll also send out a blanket email detailing all the day-of procedures

Anthony Ludlow    April 17 at 2:30am

Any way i can still get in on this and play REC

Mike Schwartz   April 17 at 2:44am

You're welcome to register for the waitlist. If someone drops then you will get in.

Anthony Ludlow   April 17 at 2:53am

the online registration closed and i cant do that anymore

Mike Schwartz   April 19 at 1:50pm

Unfortunately this tournament was a quick sell out. If we happen to have a last minute drop I will hit you up and see if you're still interested. There will be many more tournaments in the future, keep an eye out because they are filling faster than ever!

Jeff Wiechowski    April 9 at 12:14pm

Wait list has been moved up into the reg list.


Jordan Mundell    March 23 at 6:22pm

Can you pull me off the waitlist? I have something that came up that weekend

Jeff Wiechowski   March 24 at 12:43am

will do

Daniel Ragland    March 1 at 2:23pm

Will we be able to play with or near people we travel with? Carol and I (and perhaps another player) will be driving in from a few hours away ...if we all get in, lol. Is it possible for us to get tee times very close together?

Jeff Wiechowski   March 1 at 2:44pm

It will be dependent on what divisions you and your other player choose. We are TENTATIVELY committed to starting ladies first, then MA3, MA2 and up. We'll know closer to the event but we may be able to work out round 1, round 2 will be how you placed In R1

Daniel Ragland   March 1 at 3:15pm


Thomas Holbrook    March 1 at 1:09pm

Can you explain this line to me: "carpooling with your card will be required"
As in, I must arrive in the same car with people who get put on my card?

Mike Schwartz   March 1 at 1:27pm

Yes, just like the battle last year, there will be off-site check in at the local high school. Then please carpool with cardmates, as there isn't enough parking for everyone to come alone. The parking attendant will give preferential parking to more full cars and less preferential parking for those showing up alone, i.e. you'll have a bit of a walk to hole 1.

Jeff Wiechowski   March 1 at 1:47pm

There will be no parking along the road, as in years past.

Thomas Holbrook   March 1 at 7:49pm

Doesn't seem Covid-kosher, but thank you for expanding upon this for newbies (myself)