Ethan Stansbury  › DisCap presents April Showers 15, driven by Innova   April 18 at 9:37pm

Hoping tee times are posted soon... trying to set up lodging. Thanks!!

Jeff Wiechowski   April 18 at 11:46pm

Working on it tonight. Should be posted tomorrow

Ethan Stansbury   April 19 at 3:17pm

Awesome! Thanks for all your hard work, can't wait!!

Ryan Johnson   April 19 at 9:19pm

Where would the schedule be posted?

Jeff Wiechowski   April 19 at 11:51pm

It will be a column on the PDGA tournament page.

Jeff Wiechowski   April 20 at 1:34am

I'll also send out a blanket email detailing all the day-of procedures