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PDGA logoSaturday, April 17, 2021 at Fallasburg Park in Lowell, Michigan
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Come play a C-Tier PDGA Sanctioned Event held by the Grand Rapids Dogs of Disc at the spacious Fallasburg cour ... more
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Andrew Mulder    April 20 at 4:17pm

Did anyone by chance turn in a green luster champ shryke(jessica weese tour series)

Brandon Sorensen   4 days ago


Tim Sylvain    April 19 at 8:26pm

When will Disc Baron payouts be sent?

josh diaz   April 20 at 4:47pm

ill check with Brandon tonight at league..you will be getting an email for disc baron..

Brandon Sorensen   4 days ago

they all have been sent out

Michael Warren    April 19 at 3:52am

Why were the AM 4 scores totaled as 10+ over par of what the AM 3 scores were for the same course?

Andrew Pastoor   April 19 at 12:59pm

I was wondering the same - their ratings are also the same as the scores from the long tees.

Brandon Sorensen   April 19 at 4:26pm

Looking into it

Kyle Eno    April 18 at 12:15pm

Hey Brandon, why does the PDGA only have one round posted for Am1?

Brandon Sorensen   April 18 at 4:34pm

it was messing up last night everything is in now

Derrick Andrews    April 17 at 3:35am

Can I get moved to open pay difference in the morning


Brandon Sorensen    April 17 at 3:17am

ladies and gents please dont forget 50/50 and ace pool is paid on site also we will be having a couple raffles so bring extra cash. we will also be having hot dogs drinks and chips for $5 for lunch if you choose so you dont have to drive for food if you dont want.


Jose Garza    April 17 at 1:44am

Showing up in the morning hoping I can play?!!


Brandon Sorensen    April 16 at 10:31pm

Sorry guys not sure why none of my responses went through to answering your questions but I'll get to it tonight again when getting everything ready


Aaron Price    April 16 at 10:19pm

Andrew, if you find the email confirmation for your registration, there should be a button that says something like withdraw/ request refund. I found this yesterday and hope this helps you


David Johnson    April 16 at 8:23pm

Waitlist for MA3 or 50+


Zac Baker    April 16 at 4:36pm

I sent a message the other day but never heard back. Can I get bumped to MA1? I was going to change it myself, but it looked like it was going to waitlist me

Brandon Sorensen   April 16 at 10:28pm

I'll take care of it

Zac Baker   April 16 at 11:11pm

Thanks! Looking forward to tomorrow!

Josh Wiesenauer    April 16 at 2:32pm

Andrew smith I saw your comment last night about your son testing positive for Covid and yes that would warrant staying home. Please don’t risk exposing the other 100+ people that are going to be at this event

Andrew Smith   April 16 at 6:48pm

I've pulled out. Just waiting for a response to see if I can get a refund. I was really looking forward to this event????

Brandon Sorensen   April 16 at 10:29pm

Andrew my comments didn't save I'll take care of it

Michael Warren    April 16 at 12:20pm

The info is a little confusing. Are AM3 and 4 playing longs other than the listed holes? Or shorts other than the listed holes? Thank you.

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Lauren St. Clair   April 16 at 11:02pm

No Am3 and Am 4 are playing shorts

Mike Dabkowski   April 16 at 11:09pm

Only on 1, 5, 13, and 16

Brandon Sorensen   April 17 at 2:21am

they are playing shorts on Hole 1,5,13, and 16

Aaron Price    April 15 at 9:20pm

I have a funeral Saturday, if I withdraw, do I get a refund?


Lucas Frody    April 15 at 1:32am

Are spectators allowed or can I bring a caddie?

Brandon Sorensen   April 17 at 2:21am


Steven D. Fenrich    April 14 at 7:00pm

I won't be able to compete this weekend. All the best.


Rob Brower    April 14 at 2:04pm

Any Births????

Brandon Sorensen   April 17 at 2:22am

I will have two yes they will be given out

Kenzie Miller    April 13 at 4:30pm

Waitlist for MA3 please 167185


Justin Smith    April 13 at 1:35pm

Can you move me to Am2? Thank you

Brandon Sorensen   April 17 at 2:22am


Matthew Pearson    April 12 at 2:21am

Is this a one day, or two day event?

Steve Hedstrom   April 12 at 1:16pm

2 rounds or 24. 1 day.