44th Annual Waterloo Disc Golf Classic

PDGA logoSat-Sun, October 16-17, 2021 at Hancock Golf Course in Austin, Texas
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Gordon Kelley    October 15 at 12:46am

One thing I left off the player meeting document is a long-standing issue out there, something the city asked us to do years ago when we first moved the tournament to Hancock:

Please, no cleats of any kind. Not pointy, not blunt, just no cleats. We have potential to tear things up too much as it is, especially when things are wet. So let’s not make it worse with cleats.



Steven Bleile    October 14 at 10:25pm

Are we allowed to play a practice round after the final doubles group goes off tomorrow? I get off of work at 4 so I can't play in the doubles tournament, but I work right next to the course. I would obviously not encroach on the doubles groups.

Gordon Kelley   October 15 at 12:34am

Unfortunately it doesn't quite work that way. Soon after the final doubles groups tee off, our course people start to pick up the baskets, signs, etc. That way we're able to break the courses down, pack things up, and be off the property by our city imposed deadline.

Gordon Kelley    October 14 at 2:28pm

DAMN!! A couple of bad links to important documents in the original Player Meeting Doc.

44th Waterloo Player Meeting Document

Sorry to be so late in getting this finished up!! Here is the link to the 44th Waterloo Player Meeting Document, please download it to your phone, along with the course map and course rules (links are in the document), so you have ... more


Harry Kalthoff    October 13 at 9:09pm

Take a deep breath and relax!

Gordon Kelley   October 13 at 11:20pm

Yeah... Right... :)

Andy Byrd    October 13 at 8:13pm

Gordon, Can you move team Bennifer (Andrew Byrd, Randall Beatty) from MA1 to MA3 for Friday's doubles tourney?

Gordon Kelley   October 13 at 11:20pm

Yes, which course and what tee time range?

Andy Byrd   October 14 at 11:41am

Olse, 9am to 9:30

Chris Wallendorf    October 12 at 1:09pm

Gordon, Please remove me from the waitlist as I have to make plans for next weekend and I cannot wait any longer. I'll try again next year. Thank you.

Chris Wallendorf

Alan Janzen   October 13 at 9:36pm

Just a heads up, you can go under registered players and withdraw your waitlist request.

Gordon Kelley   October 13 at 11:19pm

Thanks for letting me know Chris, sorry it didn't work out this year!

Gordon Kelley    October 11 at 2:57pm

FA3 (Women's Recreational)
One spot in FA3 just came open at 44th Waterloo this weekend.

First to register and pay gets it :)
Here is the link to the DG Scene Singles Registration page:



Gordon Kelley    October 11 at 3:35am


All OFFICIAL scoring for Singles will be online, using the PDGA online scoring, that way scores go directly up onto the site at the end of your round. However, if the system has problems or you cannot get any signal, we will have paper scorecards for you too. Your group will need to use both and will need to turn in the physical scorecard to HQ at the end of your round. However, we won’t use it unless you ran into problems with the online scoring.

To access the PDGA score ... more


William Mayette    October 10 at 11:08pm

Hello just wondering if I could sneak on if so please call me at 518-420-6376 I’m traveling from New York thanks

Gordon Kelley   October 11 at 3:31am

Hi William, I'll try to call you tomorrow. The event is full but some divisions have shorter waitlists than others and we continue to get in some cancellations; so there is always a chance. Also, doubles on Friday still has spots available. If you request to join the Fellow Disc Golfers FB page and the Austin Disc Golf FB page, you might be able to post and find a partner.

Gordon Kelley   October 11 at 3:33am

Time is running short to register for 44th Waterloo Friday doubles on October 15th. DEADLINE is 8pm Wednesday night, Oct. 13th. Both courses have tee times available, and there are still early & late spots on each course so teams can play twice, once on each course, if they want. Please read ... more

Gordon Kelley   October 11 at 3:33am

That last one is just a copy of a general post we made recently :)

Steven Bleile    October 8 at 6:57pm

Will the course layouts be the same as the ones on udisc?

Gordon Kelley   October 8 at 9:42pm

I didn't realize anyone had put them on udisc :) Probably pretty close though. I just uploaded 2 pictures to this page: the 44th Waterloo course map and the 44th Waterloo course rules.

Gordon Kelley   October 8 at 10:29pm

Just checked it out and that info is not accurate for either course. Not sure where those distances came from; it shows it was updated in 2019 but in looking at our 2019 map the distances are off anywhere from a little on this hole to a lot on that hole.

Steven Bleile   October 9 at 10:18pm

Thanks for taking a look and for uploading the pics.

Gordon Kelley    October 8 at 3:38pm

Parking is very limited at Han****Golf Course.

The small parking lot downhill by the Pro Shop and tourney HQ is for STAFF ONLY.

All along the right-hand side of the driveway is NO PARKING, at all, for the entire weekend (this is the part next to the golf course and their putting green).

Along the left-hand side of the driveway is some parking but not a lot. We have 2 holes down in that area, including in the soccer field, so don’t park past where we have marked.

On FRIDAY, t ... more


Alex King    October 7 at 11:13pm

So are we locked in for sure to Han****now?

Gordon Kelley   October 8 at 3:36pm

Things are looking great for having 44th Waterloo at Han**** All the local covid-19 indicators are trending in good directions. Hard to imagine things going so badly so quickly that they won't allow events.

Gordon Kelley    October 7 at 5:14pm

I know everyone isn't on Facebook. That is why I'll be sending emails and putting stuff here in comments or in the "About" section of DG Scene.

Rather than send everyone 1 or 2 really really long emails (eye-glazing amounts of info), I'll probably be sending a bunch of shorter ones covering just a subject or two. So please check your email regularly from now until the tournament.


Gordon Kelley    October 7 at 5:06pm

If you are on Facebook but haven't yet joined the event FB page, please do so. Some info already posted there and lots more coming over the next 7-10 days.

I will also try to post some of the most important info here in the "About" section of this page, as well as send out emails to the address you gave when registering.


Abraham Garcia    October 6 at 1:52pm

When will the courses be up and ready to practice?

Gordon Kelley   October 7 at 4:53pm

Unfortunately there isn't really a time to be able to go out and practice, other than by playing Friday Doubles. We are only able to rent the facility for the 3 days of the event (Friday Doubles, and Sat/Sun Singles), the rest of the time it is an active ball golf course.

Chris Wallendorf    October 3 at 10:34pm

I made mistake in registering in the MA70 Pro division. I intended to register for the MA70 Amateur division. Would you please make that change if possible? Thank you.

Gordon Kelley   October 3 at 11:39pm

Not a problem, Chris. I've got it changed.

Gordon Kelley   October 3 at 11:56pm

Just sent you an email about a registration issue, please check it out and get back to me. Thanks!

Dan Murphy    September 30 at 3:48pm

What are the approx start times for Saturday MA1? Will be traveling from ooo

Gordon Kelley   October 2 at 8:26pm

We are working on finalizing that and should be posting it soon (hopefully by early next week).

Kyle Jones    September 16 at 9:21am

Since we are doing tee times does that mean we are playing on the same card all weekend? Same card on Saturday, reshuffled then different grouping on Sunday?

Gordon Kelley   September 16 at 12:42pm

Same card on Saturday, but reshuffled for final round on Sunday.

Daniel Illescas    August 31 at 4:11am

Hi i just learned I will not be able to make this tournament. Sorry for the inconvenience but can you please remove me from the Advanced division, MA1. Thank yoU!

Gordon Kelley   August 31 at 2:45pm

Hi Daniel, I'm sorry to hear that! I just sent you an email about it, please check it out and get back to me. Thanks, Gordon

Jeremy Croke    August 19 at 5:59pm

Good afternoon,

Turns out I’m unavailable this weekend if you could please pass along my waitlist spot to another golfer, thanks!


Gordon Kelley   August 20 at 3:49pm

Got it, thanks for getting back to me Jeremy! and darn :( Sorry I didn't see this before I sent you a reminder email.