44th Annual Waterloo Disc Golf Classic

PDGA logoSat-Sun, October 16-17, 2021 at Hancock Golf Course in Austin, Texas
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

About this tournament

Winning Numbers

THANK YOU to everyone who bought tickets!!! Here are pics of the prize packs and winning ticket numbers. We have also posted pics of these in the Pictures section of this page (though right now the system is messing up the pic by turning it on its side – not sure why).

If you have any of these that you haven’t claimed yet, then the easiest thing to do is take a pic of the winning ticket(s) and post email it to the club at [email redacted] Once we have replied back that I’ve seen it, then you can discard the ticket(s) and not have to worry about keeping up with them; I will put your name on the prize pack.

To pick up your prize(s), come down to MET CENTER THIS SATURDAY, Oct. 23rd. Waterloo DGC will have a booth there for the Throwdown Showdown tournament (but Saturday only).

If you just can’t make it to Met Center on Saturday, the next time the club will definitely have them out at an event and available would be Ice Bowl (the Saturday before the Super Bowl).

Prize # Ticket #
61 3945003
9 3945035
20 3945087
111 3945115
57 3945138
1 3945168
108 3945184
23 3945252
82 3945256
64 3945321
3 3945361
84 3945376
90 3945416
93 3945465
26 3945529
115 3945532
37 3945553
10 3945562
95 3945583
81 3945602
39 3945609
88 3945638
38 3945685
15 3945724
42 3945821
59 3945823
94 3945845
7 3945852
53 3945854
107 3945883
6 3945884
17 3945906
33 3945934
22 3945937
51 3945939
2 3945960
58 3945975
98 3945977
12 3945979
96 3946053
18 3946054
86 3946071
43 3946115
32 3946116
104 3946144
110 3946182
35 3946186
40 3946202
30 3946210
77 3946221
79 3946268
103 3946287
4 3946304
66 3946321
60 3946328
106 3946331
36 3946360
55 3946367
112 3946424
13 3946491
24 3946497
89 3946521
80 3946569
16 3946591
113 3946624
72 3946652
75 3946660
45 3946664
14 3946671
50 3946679
28 3946700
83 3946712
56 3946756
74 3946778
73 3946796
62 3946798
41 3946815
5 3946903
25 3946908
47 3946923
102 3946925
101 3946936
65 4687146
105 4687170
63 4687189
67 4687235
92 4687250
97 4687329
76 4687367
49 4687368
29 4687433
31 4687447
114 4687449
78 4687463
87 4687473
21 4687495
19 4687496
68 4687501
52 8179855
70 8179881
100 8179891
27 8179939
99 8179947
11 8179950
69 8179993
34 8180016
46 8180029
54 8180039
109 8180047
48 8180058
8 8364692
85 8364702
71 8364708
44 8364766
91 8634703



If you are still on the waitlist, you can show up tomorrow in case we have last minute cancellations. Be at HQ 20 minutes before your division starts to tee off. You can find tee times on the PDGA tournament page: https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/53521

This will be for cancellations only. (if someone no-shows they might just be running late and could have to miss a few holes).

We also still have a spot in FPO (tees at 8:36am) and a spot in FA3 (tees at 10:24am), if you want to try to get one of them, come on down tomorrow morning. First come first served.

Thanks, and Waterloooooooooo

The 44th Annual Waterloo Disc Golf Classic will be held at EITHER Han***Ball Golf Course in Austin OR Moody's Disc Golf Ranch in Red Rock.

BEFORE YOU REGISTER, make sure you are okay with playing at either place.

I know everyone isn't on Facebook. That is why I'll be sending emails and putting stuff here in comments or in the "About" section of DG Scene.

Rather than send everyone 1 or 2 really really long emails (eye-glazing amounts of info), I'll probably be sending a bunch of shorter ones covering just a subject or two. So please check your email regularly from now until the tournament.

THINGS ARE LOOKING GREAT FOR HAVING THE EVENT AT HANCOCK! All planning at this point is for the golf course :)

Some problems with the original 44th Waterloo Player Meeting document (a couple of bad links to important documents).

44th Waterloo Player Meeting Document

Sorry to be so late in getting this finished up!! Here is the link to the 44th Waterloo Player Meeting Document, please download it to your phone, along with the course map and course rules (links are in the document), so you have it with you all weekend.

Even if you are only playing doubles, there is important info there like parking, how to find your tee time, when to arrive, how to find results, etc.

One thing I left off the player meeting document is a long-standing issue out there, something the city asked us to do years ago when we first moved the tournament to Hancock:

Please, no cleats of any kind. Not pointy, not blunt, just no cleats. We have potential to tear things up too much as it is, especially when things are wet. So let’s not make it worse with cleats.


Social Distancing is still part of the city’s protocol on events at the golf courses. Whether you are out playing or around HQ or the parking lots, please maintain that standard 6 feet of distance from others not in your household. When you can’t do that, you should wear a mask. We will have extras at HQ, please come get one if you need it.

However, things are not so strict this time that we can’t have others around. NO CADDIES, but it is okay to have a small number of adult guests or spectators on the cards this year. But it needs to be limited to 1 extra person per player (on average), so no more than a total of 8 people should be in any group.

Also, no children under the age of 12 should be there during Waterloo at any time, Friday through Sunday.

It is not just the safety issue in social distancing, it is (and I hate this phrase) “the optics of the situation”. As mentioned in another post, lots of neighbors live very close to the golf course and we don’t want to give them a reason to dislike the disc golf tournament at Han* Yes, the city can tune some of that stuff out but it does add up and does get discussed the next time we want to reserve the course.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Waterloo at the golf course is a “Be on your Best Behavior” place. Yes, it’s a ton of fun. But it is not a typical park or typical courses, off in the woods or away from homes, often out of sight of others.

There are neighbors and lots of traffic on all sides of the property, some very close to the holes.

Even more importantly, there is a City Recreational Center ONSITE, meaning: Kids, Parents, Rec. Center Employees. Our HQ is near it and the courses wind all around their areas (and two of our holes are on their soccer field).

So it is CRUCIAL to be on best behavior, in all things, especially anywhere near the Rec. Center and all the parking lots.

But also important NOT to give the neighbors a reason to complain.

Please don’t make us DQ you for bad/inappropriate behavior. We won’t like it, but we’ll do it.


Tee Time and Your Arrival Time:

For both singles and doubles you NEED to plan your arrival time for AT LEAST 30 MINUTES before your tee time, and we strongly advise you to plan for even earlier than that. Why? Because you can’t just drive up at the last minute and expect get to your tee on time.

First you’ll need have time to find a place to park and then unload, and you may have to park and walk a good distance (and uphill) to HQ.

For warming up, there will be practice baskets around HQ. Please stay out of the area near the basketball court on Friday (between the court and Olse #1, and on the far side of the court). That is for Rec. Center use only on Friday. However, we will have some baskets up there for warmup on Sat. & Sun.

Finally, you MUST be at hole #1 of your assigned course 10 MINUTES before your scheduled tee time. And you need to be ready to throw at that point.

There is NO CHECK-IN at HQ before your round, just go to hole #1 of your assigned course and be there 10 minutes before your scheduled tee time, and be ready to throw… just in case something changes at the last minute.

So you really need to plan to get there early to give yourself time for all that. PLUS, you always want to give yourself time in case there is slow traffic or a wreck or something that causes the drive to the course to take longer than expected.

Another thing really important for all 3 days is to be flexible, be prepared to roll with the changes and adjustments that may happen, and keep a happy Waterloo attitude. This year will already be very different, so if more changes occur please just smile and remember that we are all very happy just to be back at Han
Golf Course.

There is one thing that could happen in both singles and doubles, and it is the main reason you NEED TO BE at hole #1 of your assigned course 10 minutes before your scheduled tee time AND why you need to be ready to throw. If someone hasn’t shown up and we only have 2 singles players at their tee time, or just 1 team for doubles, we will need to pull a person or team off the next card. So you need to be there 10 minutes before your scheduled tee time and ready to throw just in case you get pulled onto that card in front of you.

We hope not to have to do this, especially in doubles if you were hoping to play with a certain team, but we need to stay on schedule so everyone finishes before dark, so we might have to. Again… take a deep breath, be flexible, and say to yourself Waterlooooooooo


We have very specific rules and policies about alcohol, smoking, and using the provided restroom/port-o-potties. The golf course will have Marshalls out there riding and walking around keeping an eye on things, and the tournament will too. Plus there will be Rec. Center employees, parents, and kids around the buildings, play areas, and parking lots. DON’T BREAK THESE RULES!

Restrooms: ONLY use the on-course restroom and port-o-potties! DO NOT USE any trees, creek beds, or anywhere else you “think” no one can see you. There is a permanent bathroom (small concrete building) out on the Kelly course. There will be 6 port-o-potties around HQ area and the two courses. Unfortunately the Pro Shop being closed means the restrooms in there are unavailable.

Alcohol: Players CANNOT drink alcohol during their sanctioned, singles rounds on Sat. & Sun.

Some alcohol drinking is allowed at the golf course, but not everywhere and not all the time.

When: You can drink any time on Friday during doubles. You can drink on Sat. & Sun EXCEPT when your official singles rounds are happening.

Where: ONLY on the ball golf course part of the property. This is much of the property, but not all of it.
You can NEVER DRINK near the Pro Shop. You can NEVER DRINK in the parking lots. You can NEVER DRINK on the soccer field (holes #17 & #18 of the Olse Course). You can NEVER DRINK anywhere near the Recreation Center.

Smoking/Vaping: Some tobacco smoking/vaping is allowed at the golf course, but not everywhere.

Where: ONLY on the ball golf course part of the property (same as the alcohol rules). This is much of the property, but not all of it.
You can NEVER SMOKE/VAPE near the Pro Shop, in the parking lot, on the soccer field (holes #17 & #18 of the Olse Course), or anywhere near the Recreation Center. ONLY ON THE BALL GOLF COURSE.
Finally: do not throw any cigarette butts on the ground!


FRIDAY 10/15/21
1 pm – 6:30 pm: Pick Up Player Pack For Main Tournament (Sat/Sun Singles)

9 am – 4:00 pm: Doubles: Assigned Tee Times, $20 per person (includes $7 greens fee for the round, $2 ace pot, and $1 to the fundraising); if no aces are hit, the
doubles ace pot money gets added to our fundraising.

Doubles tee time assignments posted on Thursday on the Disc Golf United doubles registration pages and the event FB page. Results will be posted in those places too (hopefully by Saturday afternoon); you can pick up your prizes/cash any time this weekend after they are posted.

Must be at your hole and ready to throw 10 minutes before you are scheduled to tee off.

44th Waterloo DGU Registration Page: Friday Doubles, Kelly Course Only

44th Waterloo DGU Registration Page: Friday Doubles, Olse Course Only

44th Waterloo FB Event Page;


Singles tee time assignments posted either Thursday or Friday on the tournament PDGA page: https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/53521

Must be at your hole and ready to throw 10 minutes before you are scheduled to tee off.

SATURDAY 10/16/21
8:00 am: First Tee Time For Round 1

Lunch on Saturday should be at least 1 ¼ - 1 ½ hour for everyone, maybe longer.
If you didn’t pick up your player pack on Friday, come by HQ after round 1 to get it
There will NOT be a shuffle of players after round 1, you will play with the same 4-some (or 3-some) both rounds.

Approx. 12:00 pm: First Tee Time For Round 2

There will be a re-shuffle of players based on scores for Round 3 on Sunday.

SUNDAY 10/17/21
9:30 am: First Tee Time For Round 3

At the end of each division’s round 3 we will try to get the results done quickly and go ahead and give out trophies and awards.

After the final divisions finish round 3, we will stop selling raffle tickets, quickly do the drawing and post the winning numbers. You can pick up your prizes right away or at a later time. We will have a booth on Sat. Oct. 23rd at the Met Center for the Throwdown Showdown event, you can collect your raffle prizes there.

Ace Pot for singles: it is one big pot and will be split evenly among all aces during the 3 rounds of singles.

We wouldn’t be able to have great player packs, auctions, and the raffle without donations by our wonderful sponsors and the Waterloo DG Club. Also, please check out the full color pages of sponsors here:
Page 1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Vzmh62OOj96A2Zk9uLfJfMXFgZgBDPlZ/view?usp=sharing
Page 2: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_bfBw2C04bc9Funn-fbaST43da6qqLyw/view?usp=sharing


All the times below are not official and could still shift a bit, but they’ll give you a basic idea of when you’ll be teeing off each day.

All players have 2 rounds on Saturday (with the same 4-some), so the 2nd round estimates for Saturday are “really estimates” based on everything running as planned :). All players have 1 round on Sunday, divisions will be re-shuffled by score.

POOL A: MPO, MP40, MP50, MP60, FPO, FA1, FA40, FA50, FA2, FA3, MA60, MA70, MA2

Round 1, Sat. Morning, Kelly Course
MPO/FPO 8:00 – 8:36
MP40/MP50/MP60 8:45 – 9:39
FA1/FA40/FA50/FA2/FA3 9:48 – 10:24
MA60/MA70 10:33 – 11:09
MA2 11:18 – 11:54

Round 2, Sat. Afternoon, Olse Course
MPO/FPO 12:03 – 12:39
MP40/MP50/MP60 12:48 – 1:42
FA1/FA40/FA50/FA2/FA3 1:51 – 2:27
MA60/MA70 2:36 – 3:12
MA2 3:21 – 3:57

Round 3, Sun. Morning, Olse Course
MA2 9:30 – 10:06
MA60/MA70 10:15 – 10:51
FA1/FA40/FA50/FA2/FA3 11:00 – 11:36
MP40/MP50/MP60 11:45 – 12:39
MPO/FPO 12:48 – 1:24

POOL B: MA1, MA40, MA50, MA3

Round 1, Sat. Morning, Olse Course
MA1 8:00 – 9:03
MA40 9:12 – 9:57
MA50 10:06 – 10:51
MA3 11:00 – 11:54

Round 2, Sat. Afternoon, Kelly Course
MA1 12:03 – 1:06
MA40 1:15 – 2:00
MA50 2:09 – 2:54
MA3 3:03 – 3:57

Round 3, Sun. Morning, Kelly Course
MA3 9:30 – 10:24
MA50 10:33 – 11:18
MA40 11:27 – 12:12
MA1 12:21 – 1:24

Parking is very limited at Han
Golf Course.

The small parking lot downhill by the Pro Shop and tourney HQ is for STAFF ONLY.

All along the right-hand side of the driveway is NO PARKING, at all, for the entire weekend (this is the part next to the golf course and their putting green).

Along the left-hand side of the driveway is some parking but not a lot. We have 2 holes down in that area, including in the soccer field, so don’t park past where we have marked.

On FRIDAY, the upper parking lot is partially available. However, the southern part of it near the Rec. Center is RESERVED for Rec. Center parking only. DO NOT park there on Friday; don’t go beyond the orange traffic cones.

On SAT. & SUN., the upper lot is completely OPEN. But it still doesn’t hold that many cars.

Otherwise you can park on E. 41st Street, Peck Avenue, or other nearby streets.

If you park along the golf course side of E. 41st, please pull straight in (if room) or at an angle so more cars will fit. If everyone parallel parks, there won’t be that many cars that will fit.

No matter what, give yourself extra time to get there, find a space, and get to HQ. If you have to park next to the course along Peck or further down E. 41st St., it can take a while to walk up to HQ.

When parking inside Han
property, keep in mind that there is a City of Austin Recreation Center that shares the property. On Friday especially, there WILL be kids around and there WILL be parents coming to pick them up. BEST BEHAVIOR REQUIRED. Not much can get us kicked out of Hanpermanently faster than parents screaming about what they, or what their kids saw. Please don’t be “that person”.

Also, when parking on any of the streets around the course, be courteous and kind, don't drink, curse, or litter - pretend your grandmother lives in that house! (and if it helps, pretend she is a sweet little old lady, and the kind that will tan your hide for misbehaving :) )

Some great news about 44th Waterloo, but also a big caveat.

The great news is that we have signed the contract to play the event at Han
*Golf Course! Hooray!!!

The big caveat is that we had a contract last year too, and still had to move the tournament. So depending on how things go with the virus in Austin this fall, the city could end up cancelling events at their golf courses again and we could end up back at Moody’s Ranch. At least this year if it happens we will still be on the same weekend. We might have to shift locations but we shouldn’t have to shift dates.

We have told the city that we are willing to look at, and consider implementing, many of the protocols we had in place last year to keep things safe for our players and staff and to keep the city comfortable with the situation. The one thing we already know we will be doing is ASSIGNED TEE TIMES for Singles on Sat. & Sun. The plan right now is for everyone to play 2 rounds on Saturday (once on each course) and 1 round on Sunday.

If we have to switch it to Moody's we will do so; and if we switch, it will NOT be a reason for a full refund. See the cancellation schedule below for more info on how much refund you'll be eligible for if you cancel.

ALL singles entry fees include $20 greens fee for Sat & Sun, $2 PDGA fee, and $10 donation to the fundraising.

The 44th Annual Waterloo Disc Golf Classic IS FULL!


For Father Dave McC-Note Challengers
- Cancel between Thu. Aug 5th - Tue. Aug 31st, cxl fee of $10
- Cancel between Wed. Sep 1st – Sun. Sep 26th, cxl fee of $30 but you will receive your McC-Note Goodie
- Cancel between Mon. Sep 27th – Sat. Oct 16th one hour before your first round starts, cxl fee of $50 but you will receive your McC-Note Goodie and your player pack shirt

For Regular Players (all those who did NOT take the Father Dave McC-Note Challenge):
- Cancel between Mon. Aug 16th - Sun. Sep 26th, cxl fee of $10
- Cancel between Mon. Sep 27th - Sat. Oct 9th, cxl fee of $20
- Cancel between Sun. Oct 10th – Sat. Dec 19th one hour before your first round starts, cxl fee of $30 but you will receive your player pack shirt

To cancel, you need to email the club directly at [email redacted] or call the club phone 512-994-9508 (leave a full message including your name if we don’t answer). Please don’t post on the FB page or try to get in touch some other way - it is too easy for your message to be missed or not seen in time.

Refund policy

Waterloo Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.