2018 Orlando Open Driven by Innova

PDGA logoSat-Sun, May 5-6, 2018 at Bill Frederick Park in Orlando, Florida
B-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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2018 Orlando Open results will be included in next PDGA Ratings Update on June 26, 2018. Details are here : h ... more
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Bill Burbage    June 14 at 4:36pm

FYI, according to PDGA, the 2018 Orlando Open results will be included in the next ratings update on June 26, 2018, for all TD Reports turned in by June 5, 2018. For more details, check out : https://www.pdga.com/faq/ratings/when-updated


Jeff paino    May 4 at 6:45pm

This is Jeff paino 90767 I am sorry to have to say this but I need to back out of the tournament I understand if I don't get a refund


Tyler Dahl    May 4 at 2:41am

Is Park Entry fee still applicable for everyday?

Chuck Wilson-BrunkE   May 4 at 11:00am


Eric Scheller    May 3 at 8:26pm

Bill Burbage, I see that registration is closed but total has not been met. May I come at registration at 1 o'clock and pay entery fee? Masters 50 plus. PDGA # 108672. Thank you for consideration.

Rock Arnold   May 4 at 1:15pm

Did you get in? Haven’t seen a response?

Eric Scheller   May 5 at 1:28pm

Nope, didn't get in.

Caleb henson    May 3 at 3:05pm

Is there doubles on Friday?

Bill Burbage   May 3 at 4:31pm

Yes, Random Draw Doubles on Friday at 4:30 on The Woods Course. Early check-in at 1pm at Carter Center (bldg next to T2-Hole #1), signup for Doubles there til 4, then Doubles Signups moves to Woods Course Pavilion in the field by Hole 2

Chuck Wilson-BrunkE   May 3 at 11:45pm

Caleb isn't allowed to play.

Jennifer Denick    May 2 at 1:57pm

Regretfully, I must withdraw from this tournament. What is that process? Thank you in advance!

Bill Burbage   May 2 at 3:11pm

Hi, the process to withdraw is posted on the About tab https://www.discgolfscene.com/tournaments/2018_Orlando_Open_presented_by_Orlando_Disc_Golf on Refund Policy - This event will follow the PDGA prescribed refund policy, found in Section 1.03 Withdrawals and Refunds of the Competition Manual. With ... more

Bill Burbage   May 2 at 3:12pm

If possible, would you be interested in getting a player pack in lieu of partial refund ? I will be processing all refunds after the Tournament. Please let me know.

Bill Burbage   May 3 at 7:17pm

I have withdrawn Andy Denick and processed your refund as requested

Amanda Rizzo    May 1 at 11:21am

I sent a PM to Bill but still have not heard back from him. I need to pull out of this tourney. I REALLY hate to but I have a lot going on.
I need to pull Adan Rivera and myself out.
Next year I'll be back at it!!

Bill Burbage   May 1 at 1:20pm

Hi Amanda, I sent you an email....

becky stutz    May 1 at 2:04am

My husband Lee Stutz is registered in Masters 40+ & is now a PDGA member. Number is 107017.
Thank you! Very excited for this weekend. We'll see you there!

Bill Burbage   May 1 at 12:41pm

Hi Becky. Thanks for the PDGA #. I updated Lee's registration and issued you $10 refund for non-PDGA fee.

becky stutz   May 5 at 4:22am

Thank you! Appreciate the quick response. Look forward to my first time at Turkey Lake!

Justin Gallanes    April 30 at 11:58pm

I won't be able to make it this weekend and will need a refund. Thank you

Bill Burbage   May 1 at 1:13pm

I withdrew you from registration and processed your refund.... Be on the lookout for the SAC A-Tier over Labor Day weekend.

David Muntean Jr.    April 30 at 8:18pm

Pad assignments posted by course, soon, sometime this week? Thank you!

Ken Bess   April 30 at 8:40pm

They were posted about a week ago. Check pictures

David Muntean Jr.   May 1 at 1:13am

Thanks Ken. I was looking at the "About' section", which says they will be posted soon. Lol.

Bill Burbage   May 1 at 1:13pm

Thanks Dave.. I'll update that "About" section.

Cheyenne Pancich    April 29 at 6:08pm

Alex Sabal and myself need to withdraw,request refund from the tournament. I sent an Email, Cannot make it this weekend.


Glenn Alexander    April 28 at 2:09pm

Hey Bill I was curious to what the players pack consisted of for the tournament.

Bill Burbage   May 1 at 1:30pm

Hi Glenn, sent you an email.

Bill Venter    April 28 at 9:49am

Have to withdraw from the tournament. I sent an Email to via instructions on home page thanks.


Bill Burbage    April 28 at 3:05am


Erik Peterson    April 28 at 2:02am


Erik Peterson    April 28 at 1:58am

Hey Bill, I need to withdraw, request refund, cannot make the tourney next weekend, family. Thank you


Billy Miller    April 27 at 1:56pm

Hi Bill, unfortunately I have to withdraw from the tournament. Look forward to playing next year.


Kris Johnson    April 24 at 5:04pm

I had to cancel my cabin, as wife didn’t want to stay there with my 4 month old! So one is available!!


Glenn Alexander    April 20 at 2:52pm

Are the basket locations in the location now 4/20 that they will be for the open?

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Bill Burbage   April 20 at 4:19pm

Final Concrete Pour for tee pads on The Woods is next Thursday April 26... should be done by lunch. Come out and help if you are available.

Glenn Alexander   April 20 at 5:26pm

Thanks Bill. I’m actually from Jacksonville and I come down and camp here at Turkey Lake all the time. I’m here for a long weekend to go to EDBD rock festival like I do every year and to also get some practice rounds in. I’ll be back the Thursday before the open

Bill Burbage   April 23 at 4:43am

Cool... hope you get great weather

Jenny Williamson    April 18 at 2:06pm

I sent a withdrawal/refund request through dgs yesterday. Just want to make sure you got it. Thanks.

Ana Moreno   April 18 at 5:22pm

I got it, thank you Jenny.

Bill Burbage   April 18 at 9:59pm

Refunded your Entry fee and removed you from the Tournament. Stay warm.

Jenny Williamson   April 19 at 12:54am

Thanks! I'll be taking gloves and a winter coat for sure!