Sunday Snow Throwers 2013   March 9, 2014 at 10:33pm

Official Announcement

It is official, I am cancelling the final week of league March 30th rather than going up against the 1st ever sanctioned tourney at Estabrook. Two of the division leaders and myself all felt that was the best course of action and judging by todays attendance (4) another week at Dineen would not have likely brought a large amount of points. While I don't like changing a schedule I have had produced for 3+ months, it seems to make sense in this circumstance without negatively impacting the integrity of the league.

Next week Sunday March 16th we will be playing the temporary course at The Rock Sports Complex which is being setup for the all day party on Saturday March 15th. There will be no additional charge for the use of The Rock because I requested that as part of my agreement with them, so PLEASE TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OPPORTUNITY and if you cannot play Sunday, be sure to come give the course a chance on Sunday for league. The Rock would love to see people out there because it will likely help them decide if investing in disc golf on their property is something that they can add permanently.

See you all next week one day or both I hope.