Sunday Snow Throwers 2013   March 8, 2014 at 7:22pm

Sunday Snow Throwers Week #14 March 9th Dineen

Ok everyone, this week we will be playing Dineen as planned. I hope to get there early to help clear some more level areas with the melting snow today. I could use some help to go through one of the 9's as I am not sure I have time to do all 18 before we play. If you can come and bring a shovel, just do the best to provide a level area where we teed off this past week.

Next week I have arranged for the baskets to be left up at The Rock Sports Complex (where I am hosting a tournament on Saturday March 15th) so that we get a chance to play this unique layout for this league.

The schedule called for 2 additional weeks after that, but with Dynamic Discs throwing the first ever sanctioned tournament at Estabrook, I feel like I don't want to compete with that tournament so that everyone has a chance to attend that tournament if they want. Please give me your feedback, I hate changing schedules when they have been published for so long, but this seems like a worthwhile reason to cancel the final league session. We could also allow all those playing in Milwaukee Madness at Estabrook a chance to use that score for Sunday Snow Throwers, but I don't want to force people to play this tournament just to get league points. I need your help in making the right decision for this league with the consideration of the tournament. Let me know.