Sunday Snow Throwers 2013   March 3, 2014 at 3:06am

Sunday Snow Throwers Week #13

Lucky Week #13 took us to Dineen where we dealt with snow/ice covering the teepads. I even drove by on Saturday to check things out and I realized I would not be able to clean off the tees let alone find some of them.

We normally are enjoying Dineen this time of year because it can handle the traffic better than Dretzka and Estabrook during the spring thaw, well that thaw is a little bit late apparently.

We will stick to the schedule and continue with Dineen this week and the final two weeks, with a field trip to The Rock Sports Complex (By Root River) for Sunday March 16th. There is an all day end of season party at The Rock on Saturday whcih I am hosting a tournament on a temp course setup, and part of the agreement I had with The Rock was for me to leave the baskets up over night so that this league could play the course on Sunday and they agreed to that, so this will be a first . . . a chance to play league on a course that isn't permanently installed.

Either way I hope to see more of you the next couple weeks as the weather should be coming back to its norms soon. We will wrap this league up on March 30th because that is about the beginning of tournament season. I will be running my Manic Mondays league at Valley View again this season, come on out and experience all of the different formats we play. I also am taking over Pete Parsons league at Estabrook on Wednesdays since he has decided not to run a league this year. I am having a meeting for that league on Wednesday April 2nd at 6:00PM to discuss what type of league that should be. I am happy to run virtually any type of league, but I want to make sure those that were accustomed to playing on Wednesdays will enjoy whatever format is decided.

Week #13 Recap
In Open:
Yes those numbers are correct, Mike Janowski has a 43.5 point lead over Bob Bawden and another 5 points over Scott Mushall. He extended his lead this week as neither of those players came today. Mike shot a (-3) on the day and was the only person under par. Taking second this week was Keith Hensley who shot (+3).

In Intermediate:
Yes those numbers are also correct. Mike Wright also holds a 22 point lead over Greg Klein and another 2 points over me. Mike Wright, Aaron Schultz, and myself all shot (+7) today and I am sure we all thought about how we could have saved one throw . . . so we ended in a 3 way tie and basically got our own money back.

In Recreational we had the workhorse Nick Williams continue to solidify his divisional standing. He has attended almost all of these leagues and his point lead is 7 over Dan Gerick and 8 over Greg Weber. It could get interesting if we get a good turnout the last 4 weeks.

Thanks to all who came, and I hope we can get some better temperatures the final 4 weeks and we can get a good turnout and see some points exchange hands in every division!