The Abominable Snowmen (and Women) League   February 27, 2014 at 11:27pm

Disc Golf Scene Standings

I just wanted to update everyone and remind them that the standings on disc golf scene are basically the total points earned to date up until right now, but each weeks scores get added and it figures out your next lowest point total to not include. I was very generous in this league to allow people a chance to compete even while missing up to 5 weeks of the 17. I figured we might miss out on some weeks because of weather but you all proved that you wanted to play in just about everything. As disc golf scene gets updated over the final 4 weeks you may see the points race tighten up because of people dropping their worst weeks. I have a spreadsheet that can help figure out exactly where you are at each week but it takes a lot of math to figure it all out and post it. If you are curious what your lowest point totals are you can get that from the past weeks scores, or ask me where you stand.