Sunday Snow Throwers 2013   January 20, 2014 at 4:35am

Week 8 Results

Well, Week 8 is in the books. I wish I could have played but I think someone would have had to pull me off the course in a sled because I don't think I had enough lung capacity to make the entire round. I look forward to returning next week at Valley View and the following week at Estabrook before i go on my road-trip.

I know the Amateur field was limited today because a bunch of regulars were are the Frozen River Doubles Event in West Bend. I understand we always have decisions to make in what events to attend, now more than ever as there seems to be something going on all the time. That is good for the local area and the disc golf community as a whole, so don't ever feel bad about missing an event for another event, as long as you are playing!!!!

In Open we had 11 people with most of the usuals today. Mike Janowski has a strangle-hold on the division with a 17 point lead coming into today in total points. Mike extended the lead by shooting a (-7) which was 1 throw better than his friend and newcomer Noah Klingensmith (-6) and 3 throws better than Bob Bawden (-4). Scott Mushall (Pooty) was able to take the last cash with his (-3) and with Paul Johnson missing this week Brad Rathkamp has slid into 3rd place in total points.

In Intermediate, Greg Klein takes advantage of me missing this week to move up in the standings by shooting a (-1) . . . a score I definitely would not have been able to post today. The total points leader Mike Wright took second with a (+3) and Jesse Papermaster takes the last of the funny money with his (+5). It looks like I am going to have my work cut out for me when I return if I have any chance of making it to the trophy positions, especially because the person only 1 point behind me (Pat Brah) will be running the league those 2 weeks which means I know I will be losing further ground.

In Recreational Shawn Nyquist showed up today and shot a (+15) and he said on facebook later in the day that he respects us diehards for playing through that weather. Sunday Snow Throwers has always been those who just cannot stop playing in winter, and some of the conditions we have played through in the past might shock you Shawn, but I think you will get accustomed to it and want to be out there just like us, but I know you will be out there when spring rolls around, because you have shown the passion you have for the game.

In Women we had Jennifer San Filippo play for a different kind of score today . . . she gets and (A+) for shooting a perfect score round of 100. Thanks for coming out Jenny, and thanks for stopping by The Disc Barn afterwards.

I look forward to seeing you all at Valley View next week!