Sunday Snow Throwers 2013   January 13, 2014 at 9:26am

Icy Estabrook

Thank you to Patrick Brah for running league in my absence this week (We call it Siblings Weekend where we rent a cabin with my brother, his wife and their two children, and my wifes sister and husband). It is nice to know I can leave the league in good hands to spend quality time with family. Thank you also to Robert S. Bawden for always taking such good care of Estabrook Park. He volunteers his time to make that course better which in turn makes running leagues better too!

29 people showed up despite the icy conditions, the second highest attendance to only Week #2 at Dretzka. I look forward to good conditions next week hopefully.

In Open: We had an excellent round of (-9) by Paul Johnson followed by another great round of (-7) by Kevin Rynders. There was a three way tie between Bob Bawden, Brad Rathkamp, and Mike Janowski to split the last cash spots.

In Intermediate: We saw Chris Dickerson put up a pro level score of (-5) followed by a (-2) by Jesse Papermaster and a tie between Mike Wright and Jeff Doebert at (-1). Christopher Jante ended up with a (+2) while todays League Director shot a (+3) and managed the last of the funny money spots.

In Recreational: Nick Williams played well and competed with most of the Intermediate field while shooting a (+1). Disc Dog turned in a nicely played (+4) to take the last of the funny money this week.

In Juniors, Sam Doebert was playing against himself but still put up a solid score of (+2), showing how he may very well be the next up and comer in WI as he gets older and goes through some growth spurts. I do not know exactly how old Sam is, but man has he picked up some serious disc golf skills the last couple years!!!! Nice shooting Sam, and thanks for coming out!

I will be here for the next few weeks so I look forward to seeing you all again. I know some of you have built up some funny money so far, but remember that I now have all of my inventory (over 1000 discs, bags, accessories, etc etc etc at my new store The Disc Barn in Menomonee Falls (about 10 minutes from Dretzka) which is literally in a barn). It isn't as bad as it sounds as it is just an upgraded office where I rent for my landscape company inside an old barn. I have everything organized and have all my merchandise on display. I am not open 9-5 & 7 days a week like many retail stores, but I will make time for you to come check things out if I know in advance when you are available. I am typically in my office/shop weekdays between 8-5 (as well as after leagues on Dretzka and Estabrook weeks) . . . but I simply ask that you call me in advance (262) 894 3404 so I know when to expect you since I do not have set hours yet. After I return from my winter road-trip I will plan to produce set times on set days I will be in my office so people know when they can possibly stop by. It will include a couple days a week, 1 night per week, and some Saturday hours! Please check me out on Facebook at and if you like the page you will never miss out on when I have something new in the shop!

Mike Harrington   January 14, 2014 at 8:30am

I had to make a correction. Sam Doebert had been placed alone in the Juniors division but apparently had indicated he was playing in Recreational. I have moved him and adjusted the Recreational standings which also affected some payout. Sorry for the confusion, and nice shooting Sam.