Sunday Snow Throwers 2013   December 23, 2013 at 1:00am

The Lucky 13

There were 13 lucky people that had the fortunate experience of making it to Estabrook so they could still get in their weekly league round. When i was the only one there at about 8:40 I wasn't sure anyone else was coming. I left my house at right about 7:00 to head up to my office to pick up some disc requests for people (WHO DID NOT SHOW UP!!!!!! You know who you are), but I also needed to pick up my sled and shovel.

Ace Pool:
Last week the ace pool was cleared out by Dominick Salas at Valley view for $66, and it was hit again today by Chris Onopa on #16. Chris takes home $11 for his great throw on a tough hole.

Course Pro Bob Bawden decided to sleep in a bit today and the extra sleep he got must have helped as he had the hot round on the week (-7). Mike Janowski followed a few throws behind Bob with (-4) for the last cash.

Immediate Past Course Pro Greg Klein took advantage of knowing the course by shooting a solid (-3) on the day. Sean Puffer and I both shot (Even) to get a payout and Mike Wright who was only 1 throw behind us (+1) got the last of the funny money.

Greg Weber was the only Rec. player to show up today and fared pretty with with his (+7). He definitely enjoyed himself because he was headed home to build a snow fort for his kids (and himself).

See you next week at Dretzka . . . maybe the teepads will be clean and dry for us and it will be an enjoyable day out there. I had fun today but I did get a little bit too wet for my liking, but either way i was happy I was not the only one to show up, and then to get 13 today was awesome. It is days like this that I remember regardless of my score! Thanks for spending the morning dedicated to disc golf and let's all cheer on The Packers today. I am headed home right now!

Dan Gerick   December 22, 2013 at 3:19pm

that's an awesome turnout for the weather! i ended up still having the itch to throw so i went and tested out my newly applied ribbons. they worked wonders. i'm ready for some fearless shots at dretzka next week!