The Abominable Snowmen (and Women) League   December 18, 2013 at 11:14pm

Handicap Fluctuations

There were some fluctuations in handicaps this past week of up to 2 throws. That will be interesting to see outlasts the others in a season long battle . . . will it be the volatile player who has really good and really bad rounds or will it be the consistent player who is always right around their handicap?

Either way tonight looks to be decent. I will be trying to get there by 4 so I can make a pass through the course with a shovel and some salt to ensure good tees for tonight.

See you all tonight before 6 PM. Greg and Dustin and I will be teeing off at 6:15ish again so if you are running late, please let me know so I know how to organize all the groups.