Sunday Snow Throwers 2013   December 13, 2013 at 12:01am

Getting Caught Up Now

Thanks go to Patrick Brah for running league in my absence again, I really appreciate how willing he is to help me out. It looks like Karma played a role (or he just played really well this week) because he took down the Intermediate Division.

Thanks also go out to the 31 total people who played. Last year the highest attendance we had at Dretzka was 21 people so having 31 this week is outstanding. Estabrook's highest attendance was 32, Valley View was 26, and Dineen was 18. I am excited to see how these divisions play out this season . . . and it is a long league season this year so get ready for the long haul and lets hope for 31 degrees and sunny every week!

Paul Johnson had a solid round of (-8) for the win this week. Mike Janowski (who won last week at Estabrook) ended up in 2nd with his (-6) and Brad Rathkamp and Scott Mushall were only 1 throw behind Mike at (-5) to split 3rd and 4th with Casey Connors and Bob Bawden also tying to split the last cash spot with (-3).

We had 15 people in the division this week and the league director Patrick Brah took down the division with a (-1). 2 throws behind Pat was Jeff Doebert (+1), newcomer Michael Ulickey was 2 throws behind Jeff with (+3) helping him avoid a three way tie with newcomer Jon Blohm and Greg Klein at (+4). Another tie between Dustin Skorupinski and Mike Wright at (+5) and Keegan Wenzler and Mike Raatz tying for the last cash with (+6).

There were only two Recreational players this week and Greg Weber won with a (+13) but Mark Mittag was only 3 throws back. I hope to establish more of a Recreational division and we did have two others playing two weeks ago at Estabrook who both indicated they planned to come to Dretzka, so I hope to see everyone there all at the same time at some future weeks.

Ethan Kriederman did not finish his round and I do not blame him given the conditions. Dretzka Winter is a long course, a long walk, and the conditions made it feel much longer and more challenging. Thank you for coming Ethan, I hope to see you come to some future weeks too possibly.

This week we will be at Valley View. Don't forget this is a unique setup for winter so it isn't the same holes you might be used to. There are three additional holes I laid out this fall in the woods on the hill to the east of Hole #12 and it even revived one of the older holes on the course with a throw down the hill though a tight 15-20' wide fairway surrounded by Buckthorn and underbrush. It is a tough shot for everyone despite it being only 220', we even had a Star bogey there last Wednesday night. There is also another hole that is played differently in winter where we throw from 18 tee down to #2 basket. It makes for better flow in winter and it changes up the shot that we are accustomed to all summer. I know I will ace that hole this year . . . I almost hit it yesterday and I have hit basket at least 304 times on that hole in the past. SO I hope to see some of you who may not play much at Valley View to come out this week. Valley View is a different beast in winter and while scores can still hit double digits under par . . . this layout plays significantly harder, especially with Holes 3, 7, and 11 stretched to the long positions for the winter.