Sunday Snow Throwers 2013   December 6, 2013 at 9:03am

Dretzka Winter this week

I will not be at league this week but Patrick Brah will be there in my place to check people in and handle the scorecards. I already had a couple requests to play slightly earlier which I am fine with but all groups should be no less than 3 people . . . 4's are ok but will eventually slow up quicker 3-somes behind them. Patrick said he will try to be at the course by 8:15 or so to get people checked in and I am fine if people want to start playing as early as 8:30-8:45 if they have a 3-some. If you do start early keep in mind you need to turn your scorecard into Pat or leave it on his vehicle.

Pat does have all the cash payouts that have not been picked up so when you check in, please let him know you have money coming back. I will hand out all of the funny money next week or whenever I see people next. If you are looking to redeem some funny money you can always make an appointment to come meet me at my office sometime where I have all my stuff setup like a store . . . or you can tell me what you are looking for specifically and I iwll try to bring what I have for you the next time I will see you . . . but if you want to see all of my merchandise I highly recommend coming into my store and seeing it all first-hand as I will only be bringing the newest arrivals and special requests with me each week.

See you all next week at Valley View . . . I hope you have decent weather and teepads at Dretzka this weekend. Keep in mind . . . it is always acceptable to throw from behind or within 3' of either side of the rubber teepads if conditions are slippery.