Sunday Snow Throwers 2013   December 2, 2013 at 9:19pm

Sorry for the delay!

Dretzka called my name along with about 100 others yesterday so I did not get to my office to do the scores. When I did get home to do them . . . I realized I was going to "REWORK" the payout table for the Open Division. I had been using the theory of 50% of the field getting paid out so that it did not discourage people from playing if they never were able to cash, but I realized that is really only good to do with the amateur divisions. Once you get to Advanced/Open level play you want to be rewarded for your best play and not just scraping by for last cash, so I switched the payouts in Open to approximately 30-40% of the field getting paid out depending on how many people attend. All other divisions will continue to payout 50% of the division because it gives everyone a fair chance to win something when they have a good week.

I would be open to an Advanced level field with people that will shoot in the (-4 to -7) range at Estabrook, Dretzka, and Valley View if that means anything to the people who are currently in Open. We have never really had an Advanced division because those players typically just play Open so they can win cash. I understand the rationale and am totally fine with it, but do not feel like you are locked into Open if you do not think it is the right spot for you. With that said I expect many more Amateurs this coming week because many of the regulars at my leagues were playing at the Cold Turkey yesterday.

With that said, you can also expect to have some different things worked into this league. While $4 went to payout this week for all divisions I plan to do some CTP's, a skins game, a possible birdie club, or things like that from time to time. $1 from your entry fee will be taken from the $4 payout to accomodate those extra games so on weeks we do something special by division . . . only $3 will be going to payout. Since I do not think I announced how all of the funds are being used I will do that now.

$6 base entry fee is broken down into this: $1 goes directly to Valley View or the GLDGC (for Dineen, Estabrook, and Dretzka) based on how many people play those rounds at those courses. This is to ensure that we can keep running leagues and to help improve our courses and also put in new courses. $1 goes to the season ending trophies and other awards (depending on attendance). Trophies are based completely on attendance and we need 20 rounds played to have 1 trophy, 40 for 2 trophies, and 60 for 3 trophies, but in order to win a trophy you need to play in at least 50% of the weeks. $4 goes to payout . . . on weeks we have no side game (like this week) all $4 goes to the weekly payout, but on weeks we do a side game $1 will be put towards the weekly side game leaving $3 for the weekly payout.

$1 optional ace pool that carries over from week to week. If there is money left in the ace pool after the final round of the league . . . we will do a 50/50 contest for that money by division where 50% of the funds will be split up into divisional contests based on total attendance, and the other 50% will be donated to my "Disc Golf Course Development Fund" where I plan to use donate money to SE WI course development projects to help us get more courses in the area.

$1 optional Mulligan . . . I normally do not like mulligans in league play, but as many of us saw . . . winter can be tough at times and will more than likely cost usat least one bad throw per round. It might be an icy teepad, it might be a bad skip because of frozen ground . . . either way you can use the mulligan at any time and YOU HAVE THE CHOICE TO THROW YOUR NEXT SHOT FROM EITHER DISC (which I forgot to say this week, hopefully that didn't cost anyone the farm) . . . in case your mulligan put you in a worse spot. 100% of the money raised from mulligans will be put into the "Disc Golf Course Development Fund" again. So while it might save you a throw or two . . . it might also lead to another course being put into the ground locally, so you are helping yourself and the disc golf community

21 people in attendance was a solid start to this league, especiually considering my loyal Amateur attendees were at the Cold Turkey yesterday. I expect there to be a good range of 5-10 people in Intermediate any given week and Recreational will likely 3-6 people every week.

Next week should be fine as planned at Dretzka. You will be playing in small groups of 3 or at the most 4 people to make sure things move along quickly. There was even a request for a couple people who need to play a little bit early because of prior obligations. I am totally fine with that, I simply ask that whoever does start early starts their round on Hole #6 or 7 and gets onto the golf course quickly (and finishes with the rest of the top 9 after wards) so that it does not slow anyone down at the normal start time, as many of those upper holes will be taken up by league players and some casuals at the 09:00 AM start time.

I will also not be at league this coming week as I will be in Minnesota, but Patrick Brah will be running the show. He will have scorecards, pencils, and the cash for change. I will also give him the cash and funny money payouts from this past week (unless I see some of you at my Wednesday Night league at Valley View). Please be sure to tell Pat your full name if you do not already know each other so he can write it down properly, or so that he will know who you are and what division you are playing.

Any other questions . . . let me know. 262 894 3404

Dan Sinkey   December 2, 2013 at 10:12pm

hey Mike did you want ne to play intermediate or advanced in your league remember you told me something

Mike Harrington   December 3, 2013 at 9:29am

Dan, you would most likely be playing Intermediate. It changes with every league I do but based on how the scores played out this week, I think Intermediate would be an appropriate division for you. You were borderine Rec/Intermediate last year, and I would like to give the new guys who enter the Rec division a chance to be competitive.