Travelling Thursday Glow Throwers   November 1, 2013 at 4:04am

5 people decided to play all 27 tonight

Well . . . at about 6:00 I thought it might just be Shawn Nyquist and myself, but Chad Niezgoda, Shaun Kirchner, and Josh Davies all showed up for tonight. It wasn't raining too badly but there was a 20 minute stretch that came down pretty good on our first 9. We played the Alternate 9 first and then after that we started on Hole #15 and decided if it was bad we could always stop after Hole #5 and call it 18, but we all decided to keep on playing.

In Intermediate, It was back and forth all night with birdies and bogies an vice versa. Chad beat me on the alternate 9 with (-3) while I had a (-2). I had the better original 18 with a (+4) while he had a (+5) so we ended in a tie at 83 (+2). Nice playing tonight Chad!

In Recreational Shaun Kirchner made his return to league for the first time in a few weeks and early on it looked like he was going to beat everyone birdieing 2, 3, and 4 on the alternate 9. He bogied the next 2 holes and then played a pretty consistent round the rest of the way to shoot 89 (+8). Shawn Nyquist shot very close to what he shot last week on a much harder setup in tough conditions. Josh Davies had some bad breaks tonight to finish with 100 (+19). Thanks to Josh for coming out to the travelling league for the first time . . . I hope Chad and I weren't too hard on the guilt trip about talking you into coming tonight.