Travelling Thursday Glow Throwers   October 24, 2013 at 5:29am

OOPS . . . Week 6 Recap and Week 7 Prequel

I guess I forgot to do the recap for Week 6 (the last week at Estabrook).

In Open we saw some hot shooting by Course Pro Bob Bawden with a (-6). He edged out Brad Weber (-5) by only 1 throw. That point may come into play if Nathan Zoch or Scott Slauson cane make a move in upcoming weeks. With just Dretzka and Valley View left I expect points to be at a premium in the final 4 weeks as these are the courses I expected to draw the largest attendance.

In Intermediate, Keegan Wenzler had a Pro Division score of (-5) to take down the division this week. Greg Klein (+2) edged me out by one throw to take the last of the funny money this week. It will be interesting to see who shows up for Dretzka and how we all play there. Valley View is my most played course, while Estabrook is clearly Greg Klein's most played course so the division is up in the air . . . Dustin Skorupinski, Chad Niezgoda, and Keegan Wenzler are all only 1.5 points out of second.

In Recreational we saw James Kremer come to his first league ever (at the encouragement of his buddy Shawn Nyquist, whom he beat this week). James ended up with a (+3) which tied the last place Open and last place Intermediate players. I think he was surprised at that score especially since he had barely ever played Estabrook let alone in the dark. Now we head to their (Shawn and James) most played course (Dretzka) and we will see how things play out there, especially over 27 holes.

Week #7
We head to Dretzka this week and next to allow for people to come play and practice for the annual GLDGC tournament called The Howler. I plan to have everyone play the Original 18 this week and if time allows we will attempt to play all 27 holes. We will keep the start time at 7:00 PM this week but please be early or on time. If you are coming please send me a message so I know who to expect. I will keep the groups small, but it is very hard to predict who is coming if not everyone arrives 15 minutes before the start time. Please try to be there by 6:45 so we can break into groups and spread out.

I look forward to seeing you all!