MDGO Michigan Disc Golf Org.   October 22, 2013 at 3:01pm

Art work For 2014 MDGO Discs is needed

The MDGO is looking for artwork for the 2014 MDGO Berth, Raffle, Championships and 1 Hot Stamp (b/w) disc.

We will provide a stipend for all artwork used.

We will have digital files available of the club logos and Holes (pictures) avail by Oct, 18. Please send an email to [email redacted]

if you need these files.

Photos and files will also be available on Disc Golf Scene and the Yahoo Group

Here's the details of what is needed and required:

3 different full color discs - you may submit for 1 disc 2 discs 3 or all 4. You may submit more than 1 for each disc.

Theme of all full color discs are Memorable Holes of Michigan Disc Golf.

1st disc is Hudson Mills Hole 8 Original

2nd disc is Reed Park "The Vines" Hole 18

3rd is Leviathan Hole 12 & Michigan State Championships

Full color artwork must include:

Discraft Michigan State Series

Michigan Disc Golf Org. (MDGO)

Each disc must have name of course, hole # and the associated club name or logo (A3 , Gratiot Co. Disc Clan, Mason Co Disc Golf Org.)

Hot stamp disc must have :

Discraft Michigan State Series

Michigan Disc Golf Org. (MDGO)

A3 club logo, No Foolin' and Hudson Mills along with Gratiot Co Disc Clan logo, Gratiot Co Open and Reed Park.


Must meet Discrafts art requirements

Here are the links for the pictures and Club Logos