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Keith Aten   July 2 at 12:38pm

Hall of Fame 2018

The MDGO is now accepting nominations for the 2018 Michigan Disc golf Hall of Fame. Please include why this person should be in the Hof. Send nominations to: [email redacted].

The following pepole are already on the nomination list. They do not need to be re nominated.

Michael Poanessa (Bobis)
Steve Peck PDGA #5817
Michael Smith PDGA#
Ed Headrick PDGA #001
Gale Vaughn PDGA #5515
Dorathae Tylzynski
Bill McKenzie PDGA #23137
Javier Kowalski PDGA #3178 Player
Terry Calhoun PDGA #15117 ... more


Mark Stephens   December 12 at 3:56pm

MDGO Disc Order

... more


Keith Aten   September 24 at 9:25pm

Berth Request for 2018

The MDGO is now accepting Berth request for the 2018 season. Please read berth rules prior to requesting Berths.Please send all request through the site.
Under the Club info Berth/FE request form

This year the cost will be $20 per berth. Along with the normal Berth package you will also get a Z Custom MDGO hot stamped disc (disc yet top be determined). This disc is not part of the Berth package and may be used as each club wishes.

Deadline to request Berths and FE's is Nov 17 2017

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Greg Argyle   September 25 at 1:06am

Had an issue on the website, didn't receive confirmation. Sent an email request for max berths for North Woods Disc Chuckers. Thanks!

Keith Aten   September 25 at 11:00am

Confirmations only come when I list the request.

Jeff Kaluk   September 25 at 12:26pm

Kensington and JAB submitted