Travelling Thursday Glow Throwers   October 14, 2013 at 7:51pm

Week #5 Estabrook

12 people (a new record for this travelling league) attended this week which was in part due to the tournament that was being played this past weekend. The ace pool was not hit so it is up to $63 for next weeks round.

In Open, Scott Slauson had a really good round of (-7). Nathan Zoch also had a solid (-5) to take the cash.

In Intermediate we had 5 people play and the two people who play here regularly Keegan Wenzler (-1) and Greg Klein (E) took first and second, followed by another tie for the last of the funny money between Pat Brah and myself (+2). We seem to be within a throw or two every week now, no matter where we play.

In Recreational we had just one player this week and Shaun Kirchner (+4) while Shawn Nyquist was out of town. He intends to come back this week again, so hopefully there is some competition in the Recreational division this week.

In Women we saw Bridget Bee throw a (+10) to beat out Jessica Evans (+16). I hope to see both of you ladies again this coming week and maybe Loriena will feel up to it again after trying to diminish the effects of a cold.

This coming week will still be at Estabrook before we head to Dretzka for 2 weeks (so everyone can practice up for The Howler. See you Thursday.