Travelling Thursday Glow Throwers   October 4, 2013 at 8:39am

The Root, The Root, The Root was on fire

I used this phrase in one of my facebook posts and it seemed to fit some good scoring by a few people out there tonight. Not only were there some personal bests . . . but the lightning way up in the sky was pretty cool too. It was not threatening us at all and there was not even a drop of rain, but it made for a cool setting for glow disc golf on the night.

This week, there seemed to be less cars distracting us from our round. I also did not see a deer the entire time at the course which is not normal. Perhaps the threat of storms kept people and deer away from Root River tonight.

Regardless we ended up with a record attendance for the travelling league with 10 people. Thank you to everyone who continues to attend any of my leagues, I appreciate it and will keep running leagues as long as I can get close to 10 people per week at a minimum.

In Open we had Brad Weber shoot a (-4). He said he was not real happy with his score but the conditions were tough with the recent rains, some slippery rubber mats, and it was also so dark it was hard to see your footing for any tee shot in the grass/mud. Coming in second was Brent Krueger who had a pretty consistent (-2). He struggled early with the footing which caused him to turnover a handful of drives but he sorted it out and came on strong in the middle of the round.

In Intermediate we had the highest attendance we have had with 5 people. Chad Niezgoda came back after the round excited because he had just shot his best round ever at Root River. I would saying tying Brad Weber who won Open is a pretty good round! Congratulations Chad. Coming in second was Dustin Skorupinski with a (-3). I ended up in 3rd place to take the last of the FM with my (-1) and had my hottest birdie round ever with 7. I find it interesting that Chad, Dustin, and I all had an OB penalty throw on #6 for throwing in the road. We also all had 7 birdies on the night. I do not know what seperated Chad's score from Dustin's . .. but I had thrown my upshot on #12 to 15' . . . which I figured was a tap in par but I hit the basket and it rolled about 40' down the hill . . . then I landed that putt at the base of the pole but it turned on edge and rolled another 30' down the hill again. I guess I am thankful I hit the 30' uphill putt for my 5. I am sure everyone had one of these breaks on the night, but it was interesting what can decide a round. Nice shooting Chad and Dustin . . . I look forward to seeing you (hopefully) and Greg K at Estabrook the next two weeks!

In Recreational we had the two Sean's (Shaun and Shawn) battling it out again this week. Shaun came back from his round disappointed in his play. He ended with a (+7), beating first year league player Shawn Nyquist by only two throws tonight. Shawn had improved from his week 1 score of (+17) by 8 throws so he was pumped when he heard how he had scored. I like to see that fire and self competition amongst people who are attending their first leagues. Keep bringing that competitive fire Shawn!!!!

Thanks to all who attended . . . I am happy we got to play tonight because earlier in the day I thought we were out of luck. The next two weeks will be at Estabrook so come on down and check out some course improvements that will be taking place this weekend. Better yet get down there on Saturday to help out with the workday. I would but I have plans to be out of town playing some more WI courses I have not played. They are hopeful to have all new permanent tee signs in the ground this weekend and there was already a slight modification to Hole #4 where the basket is down in the hole. I had the idea when I saw they had some posts left behind . . . to plant those posts in the ground in front of the basket to act as a sort of barrier. It might be a little gimmicky . .. but I think Estabrook can handle something like that, as could Valley View. I would not do that on a championship level course like Dretzka or Brown Deer, but I think it is ok to let some courses take on a characteristic that suits those who play the course. After next week . . . I expect you to tell me what you think!