Travelling Thursday Glow Throwers   September 27, 2013 at 9:13am

Talk about feeling like a deer in the headlights

Root River seems to be a poor choice of a course for glow disc golf in the end, but I will not change the plans to play one more night here just because of the high level of traffic through the parkway. I will however have to honestly consider this next year as a course to skip in the travelling glow league because I heard from all groups that it was a real pain to avoid the lights from the vehicles. It was made even worse by the fact that they would switch from low beams to high beams the minute they saw anything in their path . . .they sure must have thought we were some advanced deer throwing round bevelled edge discs with little lights on them . . . and we can even stand on just 2 legs while throwing! Then the attack of the coyote's that happened at the end of the round . .. it sounded like a sasquatch ate a couple of nice small ankle biting dogs . .. and it lasted for about 1 to 2 minutes.

In Open we ended up with 4 players tonight which was to Brad Webers liking . . . not only for the competition, but also because he had the hot round of the night with (-7), which up until a couple days ago was the best singles round I had heard of. Scott Slauson capitalized with about 5 jump putts from outside the circle to shoot the next best round (-6) but he had a couple errant throws that cost him a couple throws too. Either way those are great scores considering the tough conditions of vehicle lights and it being glow disc golf versus mid day disc golf. I also believe the current setup is much harder than it has been set up in a long time.

In Intermediate I was able to shoot (-1). It was a rough putting round but fortunately my driving game was on tonight. Chad Niezgoda didn't even want to hear his score after his round but he ended up in second place with a (+4).

In Recreational we saw Shaun Kirchner with a solid round of (+2) tonight to take the win. Shawn Nyquist who attended his first league last week at Brown Deer of all courses also played tonight, and this was his first time at Root River too. Not only did he attend his first league ever at Brown Deer, but he also made his first league a glow round. Not only was it a glow round at Brown Deer but it also happened during a severe thunderstorm . . . I think Shawn is hooked if he was willing to go though all of that last week and still come back to Root River this week. I respect his desire and hope to see him come back next week to try and better his score from this week (also his first round at Root River). I am seeing someone resembling me . . . about 5 years ago! I just wanted to play disc golf . . . it didn't matter when, it didn't matter where, and it didn't matter who I was with. I just wanted to play disc golf. For Shawn, he wanted to know what he shot tonight . . . so that he could know what he needed to beat next week!!!!! HOW AWESOME! Shawn . . . it is great to see that attitude out of someone new to the league scene ad fairly new to the game. Stick with it, it is a great sport, and there are plenty of good helpful people out there to help you learn along the way! I hope to see you give all of these courses a try even if it is during a glow league. But if you ever want to meet up for a round during daylight hours I would be happy to accommodate you and give you some pointers. Just let me know.

See you all next week at Root River again . . . Scott Slauson had a good idea . . bring a welding mask to protect the night vision!!!!