Travelling Thursday Glow Throwers   September 20, 2013 at 12:43am

Don't Fear the Deer . . . but be afraid of lightning

Well against my better judgement league went on as planned. The storm rolled in and we felt our first rain drops right as we were teeing off on #1. I had put the glowsticks out about 5:00 PM and it was nice out but I knew there was some potential for storms. We discussed shortening the round to 10 holes with a loop of 1-5, 14-18 so that we could at least get those holes in and decide if we wanted to drive our vehicles over and play the rest of the holes. By the time we finished 14-18 the rain had all but stopped. We were all soaking wet but I put it to a vote . . . most people were indifferent but a few said I would keep playing. I honestly would have been happy to just go home but I was actually (-1) on those first 10 holes so I was curious how well I could shoot on the other holes . . . so I got talked into playing more. Normally it is the other way around . . I am the one who has to convince people to keep playing.

In Open tonight we had newcomer Nathan Zoch show up at the park only to find out there was a league. He said he was game for a league round and was one of the ones who was pushing to play all 18 holes. He did have the best round of the night (which tied Brad's score from Week 1) with a (+2). Pete Parsons was the other Open player and he improved upon his score from last week to finish with a (+6).

In Intermediate I got off to a hot start with a (-1) on the first 10 holes only to blow away a lot of the good shots with bad shots on 7 and 9 by carding a 5 and a 6 on those holes. I ended up (+7) on the last 8 holes we played (6-13) to shoot a combined (+6) the same score I had shot the week before.

In Recreational we had another newcomer Shawn Nyquist. Not only had Shawn never played in a glow league before . . . he had never played in a league period. He decided that playing the his first league round should happen at Brown Deer . . . at night . . . and in a thunderstorm. I give him credit because he plays half of the holes with just a Valkyrie, Buzzz, and a putter and he played pretty well with all things considered. His (+16) was not his best round ever but it wasn't far off and he did it in very difficult conditions.

I was happy to see two new people there this week . . . and I hope that a change of venue will see a dramatic increase in attendance . . . Brown Deer intimidates some people at night . . .and Root River should be a much more tame course for Glow Disc Golf.