Travelling Thursday Glow Throwers   September 19, 2013 at 12:13pm

Another crack at Brown Deer

Tonight we will all get a second chance to Beat Brown Deer . . . or at least last weeks score because I am not sure anyone can actually beat Brown Deer.

I will have a new light option and I would like your feedback on it . . . is there enough light, does it light up the right part of the basket, does it shine in your eyes at all . . . etc. It is a fairly inexpensive item . . . while more expensive than glow sticks . . . they should last more than just a single use so I am hoping in the long run it pays off. Either way it sure would be nice to be able to see the baskets from the tee better.

I should be to Brown Deer by about 5:00 to put out the glowsticks on most of the holes but we will be trying these lights out on just a couple holes before I risk putting them out and and having them stolen by other people playing the course.